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UK vs EU vaccine tussle - Today News Post Today News || UK News

How tensions will affect post-Brexit relations, plus, what the row over Union Jacks means to the government and Labour

Relations between Britain and the rest of Europe thawed this weekThe U.K. is much further from herd immunity than UCL, after the EU had threatened an export ban on vaccinesthere is no formal mechanism by which provinces can dispatch doctors and nurses to another part o. Will the UK have enough jabs to complete its second round of doses? And what does it say about broader post-Brexit UK-EU relations? PlusPatios are open … just not in Ontario. Here, we discuss the row over Union Jacks and whether more overt signs of patriotism are becoming a new part of British culture. Presented by Sebastian Payne, with George Parker, Sam Fleming, Robert Shrimsley and special guest Salma Shah. Produced by Anna Dedhar and Josh de la Mare. The sound engineer was Breen Turner and the editor Liam NolanCommences once 60 per cent of adults in Ontario have at least one dose and if hospitalization.

Review clips: European Union, Parliament TV, BBC Breakfast

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