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In recent years, with the continuous progress of social economy, healthy living has become a social topic of great concern. As a kitchen industry closely related to healthy living, it also shows a significant healthy development trend. At present, the new consumer groups and consumption structure drive the kitchen electricity ecosystem to continue to upgrade and develop towards diversification. With high-quality innovative healthy kitchen appliances, Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands of kitchen appliances in China and an expert in the quality of all kinds of kitchen appliances, accurately meets the demand of healthy consumption and provides a strong driving force for the market performance of the industry

from product innovation, technology research and development, and then to demand insight, on the road of kitchen electrical health, China's top ten brands of kitchen electrical appliances, and the expert of kitchen electrical quality manufacturing, Cohen electric appliance, is the pioneer in the industry. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, Cohen took health as the goal and took the lead in changing the innovation criteria. For example, the quantitative data such as air volume, air pressure and noise are no longer used as the indicators for evaluating products in the research and development of cigarette machines, but " Do not smoke " As a core indicator, it fundamentally ensures the health of users. Up to now, Cohen has formed an innovative closed loop from demand to supply, taking science and technology as the core driving force to comprehensively promote the optimization and development of kitchen and electricity bank and help upgrade the quality of healthy human settlements

as a pioneer enterprise in leading kitchen electric technology, Cohen has focused on kitchen health issues for many years, adhering to continuously improving the health index of Chinese kitchens with technology and product innovation. The recently launched variable-frequency high suction smoke machine cloud suction II T60 is equipped with a number of patented technologies, such as 360 ° four-dimensional circular suction + high-efficiency static suction + automatic cruise pressurization, which can automatically sense the pressure changes in the public flue, Automatically start the speed increase and pressure mode for about two minutes, and the smoke exhaust power of up to 400pa will burst out, which can completely prevent smoke pouring and odor even at the peak of cooking. It can not only exhaust smoke efficiently, but also give frequency conversion cloud suction II T60 air purification function with intelligent technology. Its 30 minute automatic delay can be said to be the "intelligent air purifier" of the range hood

with "e; Healthy China " The continuous deepening of strategy is in " Co construction and sharing, and national health " Under the strategic theme of science and technology and product innovation, it is a practical path for the kitchen electrical industry to respond to the call of the times and consumer demand to improve the kitchen health index, so as to promote the quality upgrading of healthy human settlements. Cohen appliance, one of the top ten brands of kitchen appliances in China and an expert in the quality manufacturing of all kinds of kitchen appliances, deeply combines the corporate mission with the national strategic objectives, and uses technology, products and ideas to improve the health quality of the kitchen, which not only promotes the upgrading of the healthy human settlements industry, but also further leads the kitchen appliances industry to develop into a health industry with more social and livelihood values





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