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Compared with most owners who contact the decoration for the first time, it is particularly important to formulate a detailed scheme quotation in the early stage. While preventing some decoration companies from doing tricks, it can also avoid the phenomena of additional items, omissions and overspending. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network takes Wuhu Xintiandi located in Huangpi District as an example, and takes you to see how much the decoration price of a half package of 113 square meters of Wuhu Xintiandi A3 house is

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[decoration demand of 113 square meters of Wuhu Xintiandi A3 apartment]

decoration style: American style

decoration method: half package

decoration budget: within 50000

[Wuhu Xintiandi A3 house type with an area of 113 square meters is shown below]

Wuhu Xintiandi is located in the north core business district of Hankou, Huangpi District, Wuhan, and you can take the light rail to Jianghan Road business district. Adjacent to the Tianxinzhou bridge in the south, it is only a ten mile drive to Castle Peak, and the environment is quiet and comfortable. Therefore, a considerable number of owners prefer this community, and there is great room for appreciation. In such a 113 square meter three room, each space is very square, which is also convenient for the placement of furniture in the later stage. The design positions of living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are relatively reasonable, which can well meet daily needs

[quotation for decoration of 113 square meters of Wuhu Xintiandi A3 apartment]

detailed analysis of quotation for decoration of 113 square meters of Wuhu Xintiandi A3 apartment:

first of all, before analyzing this quotation, the editor will share with you the latest quotation in Wuhan. Taking the classification of decoration companies as an example, the average price of half package of economic companies is 300-450 yuan/㎡, and the total package is more than 600 yuan/㎡; The average price of half package in medium-sized companies: 400-600 yuan/㎡, and the total package is more than 800 yuan/㎡; Average price of half package of brand decoration company: 500-1200 yuan/㎡; All inclusive: more than 1200 yuan/㎡. From this analysis, it can be seen that the owner of Wuhu Xintiandi chose the half package decoration of the mid-range company, because the owner had concerns in the early stage of the decoration, and because he didn't know much about it, he still wanted acquaintances to lead him to buy the main materials and furniture in person, which would also be more reassuring

like many families, owners spend the most on hydropower projects and restaurant design. This is because hydropower projects belong to basic construction, and the requirements for construction technology are extremely strict. In addition, the selection of water pipes and wires should also be particularly cautious, and they should not be greedy for small gains. At the same time, the water and electricity part is related to whether we can use water and electricity normally in the future and the safety of the living environment, so the owner has paid attention to this aspect, and the owner often gives advice in the construction project

the cost of the guest restaurant involves the design of sofa background wall, TV background wall, porch shoe cabinet, wine cabinet and aisle. As the area of the whole house, these places are the top priority in decoration. In addition, the owner said he wanted to make a fancy ceiling, so the price would be slightly higher. As for the kitchen and bathroom, the most important thing is to prevent leakage, water leakage and other problems, so waterproof measures need to be done well. In general, the owner's budget is within 50000, but such an offer only costs 47000, and the result is very satisfactory to the owner, who praised that the cost performance is still very high

well, I hope the above content can make you have a clearer understanding of the quotation. If you still want to know or you are planning to decorate recently, you can find the decoration company you like through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also leave your small area house type, area, decoration requirements and contact information in the article. Customer service will arrange many decoration companies suitable for you to measure rooms for free Formulate plans and quotations. For details, please click





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