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Yimeide's sliding door guide rail design of aluminum alloy doors and windows has poured the essence of German technology and highlighted the humanized design concept at the same time.

yimeide's sliding door guide rail design of aluminum alloy doors and windows has poured the essence of German technology and highlighted the humanized design concept at the same time. Xiaobian introduced the stepped beveled high rail last time, and its guide rail is aluminum alloy. This time, Xiaobian will introduce the stainless steel beveled high rail, Its structure is obviously different from that of the upgraded version

Imade stainless steel high rail

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advantages 1

r-shaped guide rail groove is more effective in blocking water

the section of the guide rail groove of the sliding door of aluminum alloy doors and windows is R-shaped. When the water rushes, it forms a loop to guide the water to return. When the wind blows, it forms an isobaric chamber. In short, rain and wind will not enter the lower cross material of the entry fan along the guide rail groove and then enter the upper stage. In addition, the cross section under the upper door leaf forms a certain outsourcing to the guide rail, so it has good water tightness and strong blocking ability to rain and water from the front

advantages 2

inclined plane design, rainwater flows downward

aluminum alloy doors and windows sliding door track profile inclined plane design, high inside and low outside, the bottom of the guide rail groove is provided with a drain, and rainwater flows downward through the drain under the action of gravity

advantages 3

the height of the guide rail and the door leaf are the same, which is more beautiful.

by adding or subtracting the height of the guide rail slot and the lower rail slope, the guide rail is kept the same height as the ground, and the height of the inner and outer door leaves is the same, which keeps the beauty. Let's see if the outer guide rail groove is higher than the inner guide rail groove. That's because the lower rail profile is designed with an inclined plane and the outside is low

advantages 4

stainless steel guide rail, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant

stainless steel guide rail is installed on the guide rail groove of aluminum alloy doors and windows sliding door. Stainless steel is 304 stainless steel of high grade, which is the most widely used stainless steel, and its comprehensive performance is quite good. High strength, wear resistance, not easy to deform, corrosion resistance

advantages 5

indoor side with water retaining edge, and equipped with wool tops

are you worried about rainwater entering the room? Rest assured! Imade aluminum alloy doors and windows sliding door track aluminum profile has a water retaining edge on the indoor side to prevent rainwater from entering the room again. Wool tops are installed on the water retaining edge, which are closely combined with the horizontal material under the door leaf to increase the tightness and dust prevention

the whole track is durable, corrosion-proof, waterproof and dustproof, taking care of your family and your life

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