Identification method of solid wood furniture

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Solid wood furniture is actually very good, mainly because it is difficult to determine whether solid wood or pure solid wood. When purchasing, you must carefully ask about the material used in each part, and it is best to write it in the contract

introduce some wood commonly used in solid wood furniture: solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood. Generally, the real texture of wood can be seen on the surface of furniture. In fact, there are roughly two kinds of solid wood furniture on the market at present: one is pure solid wood furniture, all the materials of furniture are solid wood, including the door panels and side panels of desktops and cabinets, which are made of pure solid wood, and no other forms of wood-based panels are used; The other is imitation solid wood furniture, that is, from the appearance, the natural texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as that of solid wood furniture, but in fact, it is furniture made of solid wood and man-made board, such as particleboard or medium density fiber

board with thin wood veneer such as side board and shelf, and solid wood is used for table legs and chair backs

the primary color is natural and healthy

from the color analysis, the reason why solid wood furniture thrives is its log color. Log colored furniture, log colored walls and natural colored materials are popular. They are natural and free from chemical pollution. This is really a healthy fashion choice, which meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites to advocate nature

secondly, in terms of material selection, take domestic solid wood furniture as an example, the main types are: beech, teak, maple, oak, oak, ash, elm,

poplar, pine, etc., among which beech, oak, ash are the most valuable. These materials come from nature and reflect the harmonious relationship between people and the environment. Designers love to use these materials, and then add the modern design concept of people-oriented and nature oriented, which can bring closer the distance between people and materials, people and nature, and give people a sense of intimacy




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