Which parts of the decoration should be waterproof

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The use of the kitchen and toilet basically involves water, which will inevitably splash on the ground. In order to prevent water from penetrating through the ground and affecting neighborhood relations, the kitchen and toilet floors need to be waterproof, and the top surface is waterproof to prevent the water of the residents above from penetrating into their top, causing water leakage

the wall adjacent to the bathing equipment

daily use is very frequent, such as the sink, washbasin and so on. When using, water is easy to splash on the adjacent wall. If you don't do waterproof, the wall is very vulnerable to moisture. You should do waterproof work before wall decoration. The non heavy light wall should be at least 1.8m high, and the whole wall should be waterproof. The waterproof of the wall adjacent to the shower location should also be 1.8m high, and the height of the waterproof coating of the wall adjacent to the bathtub should also be higher than the upper edge of the bathtub

the leakage at the connection between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground is mostly caused by the loosening or weak bonding of the pipe root, floor drain and other parts, and the leakage is particularly easy to occur in the corners, so the waterproof of these parts must also be done, and must be done in place

the ground with re tiled floor

the waterproof layer is most likely to be damaged when the kitchen bathroom floor is redecorated. During special repair, the original waterproof layer should be protected as much as possible. Once it is damaged, it should be repaired in time and the waterproof layer should be made again

walls with embedded water pipes

when embedding water pipes in the walls, grooves larger than the pipe diameter should be made, and the plastering in the grooves should be smooth, and then waterproof paint should be brushed in the grooves for waterproof treatment

balcony wall waterproof

now many people tend to put the washing machine on the balcony for use. If the washing machine is placed on the balcony and the washing machine uses a large amount of water, the wall and ground near the washing machine also need to be waterproof

if you don't do or omit to do waterproof work in the water area, it may cause mildew on the wall, or it may affect the neighborhood relationship and lose money. Therefore, the waterproof of home decoration must be done in place. Before doing waterproof work, you must pay attention to the clean treatment of the base course. After waterproof treatment, such as the waterproof of kitchen and bathroom, you must remember to carry out closed water test. (recommended reading: how to do the closed water test)

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