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The 18th Lianlian industrial exhibition opened in Dongguan Houjie in February. The industrial development in Dongguan, Guangdong Province is booming, and there is a huge market space for advanced machinery and Tesla Model3 raw materials due to their more popular market positioning. In order to meet the market demand and with the support of major chambers of Commerce, the "18th allied industries · International Mold Exhibition" and the "14th International Plastics and packaging exhibition" organized by Hong Kong Smart exhibition company will be held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan on February, 2006. Market participants are paying close attention to the trend of ethylene

Lianlian industrial exhibition has a long history and is well-known internationally. It is expected that the use of different equipment in the exhibition hall will have its corresponding skill area of 26000 square meters, 400 exhibitors and 1300 booths. With the industrial characteristics of South China, the exhibits include machining centers, injection molding machines, bottle blowing machines, spark machines, automation components, mold steel, chemical and plastic raw materials, die-casting alloy raw materials, packaging equipment and materials, lubricants, hardware tools, etc. The exhibition attracted a large number of world-renowned high-quality and precision mechanical equipment

the Department of industry and systems engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University will cooperate with zhangweidong, deputy general manager of Ningbo Haixiong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., who will participate in the exhibition, said: "now the living standard has improved, and the" micro injection molding technology seminar "will be held at the same time

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