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The 2009 marketing work conference of Huayi Electric was successfully held on February 1, 2009 marketing work conference of Huayi Group and Huayi Electric was successfully held. The meeting was attended by more than 300 leaders including Chairman chendaorong, vice chairman linjianwei, vice president zhucunchun, vice president zhangzhiyue, general manager chenbangkui, deputy general managers zhangjianxin, zhangxuemin, wuyundeng and other leaders of 13 regiments of major projects under construction in Jiji base, as well as marketing representatives from all over the country. The main content of the meeting is to discuss the marketing work, new product development and sales, the group's marketing policy, the arduous operation and investment development of the southwest iron works under the current economic situation

at the meeting, chenbangkui, general manager of Huayi Electric, made a summary of marketing work in 2008 and a prospect of marketing work in 2009. He reviewed the situation faced by the company in 2008, the market situation of the power equipment industry, and the marketing situation and existing problems of the company in 2008. At the same time, he also put forward solutions to the current situation and the problems existing in the marketing work, and made a prospect for the marketing work of the company in 2009, especially the market development of new energy products. Zhangjianxin, deputy general manager of Huayi Electric, introduced the new marketing policy of the company in 2009; Zhangxuemin, deputy general manager of Huayi Electric, introduced the key development projects and key products of the group; Wuyundeng, deputy general manager of Huayi Electric, analyzed the development trend of wind energy and the prospect of Huayi wind energy development to the marketing representatives at the meeting, providing guidance for the marketing representatives to develop the wind power market

after listening to the speeches made by the leaders of the group company, some marketing representatives also made a brief promotion and introduction on their own marketing experience, which is the latest expanded product of the company's infinity container brand, and put forward valuable opinions on strengthening the communication and cooperation among sales companies, policies for maintaining the market and customer resources, and methods for improving the probability of winning the bid in bidding

the meeting also commended jindafu and other outstanding marketing representatives in 2008, and vice president Zhu cunchun read out the commendation document

finally, chendaorong, chairman of the group company, made a summary speech. He elaborated on the new economic situation facing the company, how to improve the company's marketing machine replacement system under the new situation, and how the salespeople expand their product line management. At the same time, he focused on describing the broad prospects of emerging industries such as wind turbine market and railway electrical, and asked the company's sales personnel to accelerate the pace of market occupation and improve the company's market coverage; He also asked the company's sales personnel to keep learning while exploring the market, so as to improve their working ability and business level

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