The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party

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The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has closed, and the steel market of this month will continue to rise. Here are three major snails in several representative cities, such as Shanghai Shagang's market price of 3890 on the 25th of last month, Guangzhou Shaogang's market price of 4260 on the 25th of last month, and Jiangxi nanxinping's market price of 4000 on the 25th of last month. As of press time, Shagang has increased 80% compared with 3970 of this month, Shaogang has increased 150% compared with 4410 of this month, and nanxinping has increased 150 compared with 4150 of this month, Although the market growth tends to enlarge, the inventory situation in various regions is not optimistic. Since October, construction steel in Guangzhou has been delivered in a centralized manner. The wharfs were seriously pressed against the port, and the warehouses were burst: 1 The waiting time for ships to arrive at Huangpu old port is about days, and the inventory in the port area is 65000 tons. 2. 117000 tons were stored in Haifu warehouse, accounting for more than 90%. 3. the arrival time of ships at Jinbo wharf is about days, and the inventory is about 250000 tons, accounting for 70%. 4. the waiting time for the ships at Yuzhu wharf to arrive at the port is about days, with an inventory of 160000 tons, accounting for 80% of the total. According to customers in Jiangxi, there is a shortage of rebar resources in the market, but the coil resources are increasing day by day. After the on-the-spot investigation, there is a whole warehouse in Nanchang Jiangxi railway, which is full of wire rod coil screws. N68 precision machine tool hydraulic oil resources can be used. Now the rebar is not only sold, and the coil resources must be provided as standard, if not, Moreover, it has a good record in terms of performance and sustainability. The price of rebar sold alone is an additional 20 yuan/ton, resulting in the increase of wire rod and screw resources in the hands of various merchants

at the just concluded 19th national people's Congress, gaojianmin, Secretary of the leading Party group and director of the environmental insulation failure protection department of Hebei Province, answered questions. Gaojianmin said that iron and steel is the pillar industry and advantageous industry of Hebei Province. In recent years, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution, Hebei has focused on the improvement and standardization of iron and steel enterprises with relatively high emissions, high resource consumption and high energy consumption, with an unprecedented degree of production capacity. In recent years, it has reduced 69.93 million tons of steel and 64.42 million tons of iron. As the first major steel producing province in China, Hebei Province has implemented measures such as implementing pollution discharge permit management for iron and steel enterprises and strengthening law enforcement and supervision for key industries. Gaojianmin said that iron and steel has made outstanding contributions to the development of Hebei. In the future, steel mold temperature: after thermoplastic melt is injected into the mold cavity, the industry will adhere to ecological priority and green development, and take a new road of transformation and upgrading. It can be seen that the iron and steel industry will remain a sunrise industry in the future, and relevant national policies will develop to the good side

at present, the market has not been boosted by major positive factors, the mentality of peripheral businesses is relatively loose, and they have not been too optimistic about the future market. In particular, the major players in Jiangxi market have a serious bearish mood. In view of the fact that the current snail market is also in green shock, and it is also the end of October, and it is about to enter the winter, there are a lot of work stoppages at downstream sites, so it is expected that the short-term market price will not be significantly boosted temporarily. I hope that all businesses can grasp their inventory in time, Do not follow up when shipping at high prices

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