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The 2009 marketing conference of people's electric appliance group was held grandly. It should be said that the new year is very timely at the beginning of the year, and everything is updated. On the afternoon of January 28, the 2009 marketing conference of people's electric appliance group was grandly held in Zhejiang headquarters. The conference carefully summarized the marketing achievements of 2008, deployed the marketing strategy of 2009, and commended the outstanding managers of advanced units in marketing work in 2008. Lianxinliang, member of the Standing Committee of Yueqing municipal Party committee and Secretary of Liushi town Party committee, Chenxiangdong, vice mayor of Yueqing City, zhengyuanbao, chairman of the group, yeyusen, general manager and other leaders attended the meeting and made important speeches

at the meeting, chairman zhengyuanbao delivered an important speech on market economy, development mode and corporate culture. He pointed out that people's Electric Appliance Group unswervingly follows the new path of socialist development with Chinese characteristics, holds high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping, keeps the party's policies and directions in mind, and makes bold innovations in market, management and technology; Adhere to the concept of scientific development concept, and actively strive to create a world national brand. Zhengyuanbao required that the majority of marketing personnel should give full play to the essence of "external, internal, low-key and vigorous" to implement the national innovation driven development strategy, and actively promote the group's "seven models": 1. Turn the national policy direction into a development model; 2. Tens of thousands of models of spirit driven development; 3. "Going out" mode; 4. There is an endless transformation mode of transformation from intangible to tangible; 5. Resource integration mode; 6. Natural mode; 7. The model of "beggar culture"

general manager yeyusen made an important speech on "using scientific marketing concept to win greater victory" at the meeting. He pointed out that in 2008, under the correct leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, people's Electric Appliance Group vigorously implemented the PCDM operation and management model, United, overcame the serious impact of the global financial crisis, bucked the trend and made a series of outstanding achievements. The group has always been in the forefront of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 500 world machinery enterprises. The brand value of "people" has reached 5.335 billion yuan and won the highest award in the field of quality in China - the national quality award. He stressed that in 2009, the people's Electrical Appliance Group will, as always, give full play to its brand advantages, take industrial electrical appliances as the leading industry, implement the development strategy of diversified operation to achieve economies of scale, continuously promote the group's' 123 project 'and' 123 strategy ', and strive to achieve the goal of building a' world national brand 'proposed by the chairman of the board of directors and achieving a leap in output value from 10 billion to 100 billion

Bao Juwen, the chief supervisor of the group's board of supervisors, chenlinfeng, the general manager of the group's sales company and chairman of Zhejiang Co., Ltd., libinglun, the general manager of the group's Shanghai Co., Ltd. for installing tension (compression) force sensors, Wang Ge, the general manager of the group's Jiangxi Substation Equipment Co., Ltd., zhuxingcha, the general manager of the group's Jiangxi power transmission and transformation Co., Ltd., and yexiangyu, the general manager of the group's import and export company, Zhengweiyu, chairman of the Group Instrument & meter company, and others delivered enthusiastic speeches respectively. Xiahuayi, excellent marketing manager and general manager of Guangdong sales company, made a speech at the meeting

the conference solemnly commended 22 "excellent marketing units stimulated by high prices" such as Shanghai Sales Co., Ltd., 79 "advanced marketing units" such as Zhengzhou Sales Co., Ltd., 22 "excellent marketing managers" such as Wang Jiansheng, and 79 "advanced marketing managers" such as chenghuimin

at the closing of the conference, lianxinliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Yueqing municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Liushi town Party committee, and Chenxiangdong, vice mayor of Yueqing, delivered important speeches respectively. They fully affirmed the development achievements of the people's electrical appliance group, highly praised the people's electrical appliance group for driving the economic construction of Yueqing, and encouraged the people's electrical appliance group to make persistent efforts in the new year, carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future, To make greater contributions to the sound and rapid development of regional social economy

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