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At the beginning of this month, lirongrong, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), took the opportunity of Zhuhai declaration to conduct an investigation at Zhuhai Municipal operation and Management Bureau. As the only enterprise representative in Zhuhai, zhujianghong, chairman of Gree Electric, reported the development of Gree to lirongrong. Lirongrong learned about the situation of Gree Group, the largest shareholder of Gree Electric Appliance, and put forward suggestions for the future development of Gree Electric Appliance, requiring Gree Electric Appliance to use global resources to go abroad and strengthen technical research

at the same time, an amazing fact was found in the investigation. As of november8,2003, Gree Group owned Gree Electric Appliances 2

All 700million shares were pledged, most of which were pledged to banks for loans

under the strong profit support of its subsidiary Gree Electric appliances, which achieved a profit of 299million in January, an internal source disclosed that Gree Group suffered an overall loss in January

chenshunyi, general manager of Gree Group, played a "Tai Chi" role in the interview and neither denied nor acknowledged the key issues raised. A fact that enterprises are not only "infighting" has gradually surfaced

the Group pledged all 270Million shares of Gree Electric Appliances

there was a contradiction between Gree Electric appliances and Gree small appliances. On the 4th day of this month, on the 8th of this month, Gree Electric Appliances again announced that the largest shareholder of Gree Electric appliances, that is, the parent company Zhuhai Gree Group, handled the pledge registration of 50million shares of Gree Electric Appliances on November 5, The freezing period is from November 5, 2003 to September 10, 2010

50million shares only account for less than 1/5 of the shares of Gree Electric Appliance owned by Gree Group. Although the industry and the media have focused on this equity pledge, no clue has been found

after the investigation, it was found that after this pledge, all 270Million shares of Gree Electric Appliances held by Gree Group were pledged, including 45million shares held by Zhuhai Gree Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Gree Group owns 26.73% of the shares of Zhuhai Gree Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is the largest shareholder, and the shares held by the company in Gree Electric appliances can be regarded as indirectly held by Gree Group)

according to the public information, in the annual report of Gree Electric in 2001, it was found that as of December 31, 2001, 17million shares of Gree Group had been registered for pledge, and the shares of Gree Electric held by Zhuhai Gree Real Estate Co., Ltd. had also been pledged; On May 21 this year, Gree Group handled pledge procedures for 50million shares of Gree Electric Appliance, and the pledgee was Bank of China Zhuhai branch; On November 5, a subsidiary of Gree Group pledged 50million shares of Gree Electric Appliance to Zhuhai Gree Group Finance Co., Ltd. Three to track and learn from the spirit of Olympic athletes. The total pledge is 270Million shares

Gree Group has suffered huge losses in other businesses and is short of funds.

repeated pledges are loans. Undoubtedly, Gree Group needs money. However, Zhou Qiang, director of the group's president's office, was silent on this issue. He disclosed that xurong, chairman of the group, was on a business trip and no one could be interviewed at present. What is the purpose of the group's frequent loans

in the headquarters market of Gree Group, we successively developed microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo universal testing machine, and met chenshunyi, general manager of the group. It is reported that Chen is currently the legal representative of Zhuhai Gree small appliance company, Shunde Gree small appliance company and Zhongshan Gree small appliance company. Chen disclosed that in the field of real estate, many projects have been stopped because they did not participate in the transformation project of urban villages in Zhuhai. However, the recent policy changes have led to the commencement of many projects under the real estate company

at the same time, Zhou Qiang disclosed that in July, 2002, Gree changed its name to "Zhuhai Gree Group Finance Co., Ltd." after restructuring its predecessor, Zhuhai Zhuguang Group Finance Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 350million yuan. The assets of Zhuguang group and its subsidiaries were stripped from the new company

it is reported that Gree Group has injected 350million cash for this purpose

up to now, public information shows that Gree Group has more than 20 subsidiaries with a long front. According to the data provided by a person familiar with the matter, the profit of Gree Group in January was 280million yuan

however, it is found from the announcement of Gree Electric in the first three quarters that the profit of Gree Electric is as high as 299million. If the data obtained by the insider is correct, it indicates that other businesses of the group are in a state of loss, offsetting the profit contributed by Gree Electric

another thing that can not be ignored is that the relevant person of Gree Electric revealed that two years ago, Gree Electric proposed to acquire Zhuhai Gree small household appliances Co., Ltd. according to the opinions of relevant departments in Zhuhai, but after sending relevant personnel to the factory for audit and investigation, it was found that the company had a loss of tens of millions

the state-owned shares will withdraw sooner or later, and Gree Group is eager to stay in the future.

in an interview with Chen Shun, general manager of the group, the following question was raised: is small household appliances made through brand leasing? Whether the group's management of small household appliances is too loose, and whether the group has sent someone to supervise it? Are many businesses of Gree Group at a loss? What will Gree Group do to pledge all its equity to lend

for the questions raised, chenshunyi, general manager of the group's operations, said that he would not comment on these topics, and repeatedly made three "instructions":/p>

first, after years of development, the group has ensured that the Jinan gold testing machine can operate normally, forming three industrial pillars of industry, commerce and real estate. At present, industry (Manufacturing) is more important

second, the management of Shunde and Zhongshan small household appliance companies is not 100% perfect and correct, but the management is standardized

third, the operation of an enterprise is fluctuating. The loss this year does not mean the loss in the future

asked whether the meaning of these remarks implied that many businesses of Gree Group were losing money. Chen stressed that his remarks above were not aimed at any specific company that automatically calculated various experimental parameters and printed test reports, but were made from the perspective of all enterprise operations

then, in the context of the withdrawal of state-owned shares from the overall environment, does Gree Group have any plans to withdraw from the listed company Gree Electric

chenshunyi revealed that Gree Group has always acted in accordance with the spirit of reform in the provinces and cities on this issue

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