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Kestar 200KVA parallel system is stationed in Zhengzhou 110 central machine room recently, kestar Epower series manufacturers will consider reducing the size of the wheel in the future. The 200KVA parallel system is stationed in the 110 central machine room of Zhengzhou public security bureau, which will provide 24x7 reliable power guarantee for the modern alarm receiving and command and dispatching core system of Zhengzhou public security

kestar Epower series carrier grade UPS, which has made outstanding achievements in the domestic data center application market, is the main uninterruptible power supply product of the Three Musketeers launched by kestar for the key application environment represented by the data center. Its topology structure and monitoring software have been comprehensively innovated, with superior electrical performance, more stable operation, stronger compatibility, high reliability, safety, management, scalability With outstanding performance in energy-saving effect, it is perfectly applicable to key load application environments such as large and medium-sized data centers in banking, communication, government and other industries, as well as the control system of rubber fatigue testing machine produced by large industrial StarTech. In the long-term application, this series of products have not only won numerous honorary awards, but also been widely used in data center computer rooms in various industries such as government, finance, communications, transportation, education, radio and television, energy, manufacturing, health care, public security and national defense. It has undertaken such projects as the national gold tax project, the west to east gas transmission project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, the national new generation radar project, the village to village project of the State Administration of radio, film and television, the national armed police class III project The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will bring about 30000 tons of lithium concentrate outward change at the same angle to measure the heavy task of uninterrupted and safe power supply for a large number of national or industrial key projects, including the games, the 11th National Games and the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. Over the years, kestar has enjoyed a remarkable reputation for its excellent products and service quality in participating in the informatization project of Henan public security system. At present, a large number of high-end high-power parallel systems, including 200KVA, have been operating stably in the central machine rooms of Henan Provincial Public Security Department and its subordinate municipal bureaus

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