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As the whole country celebrates the 30 years of reform and opening up of the people's Republic of China, Weibo also ushers in the 20th anniversary of the birth of the electric isolation sensor. In the last 20 years of the 30 years of reform and opening up, Weibo has witnessed the changes and prosperity of the automation industry in the last 20 years together with the automation industry

20 years ago, Ruan Ciyuan, the founder of Weibo, designed the world's first electrical isolation sensor and obtained the first patent for this kind of product. Over the past 20 years, under the leadership of Ruan Ciyuan, Weibo has transformed technology into products, grown products into industries and developed industries into industries. With the development of automation industry, the birth of electric quantity isolation sensor has made up for the embarrassing situation that domestic electric measurement products are mainly imported from abroad. The new products continuously developed by Weibo have filled the domestic blank of many electric measurement products. WB series electric quantity isolation sensor, which integrates full isolation, miniaturization, high reliability and low cost, solves the problems of reliability, safety and interference in signal acquisition of automatic monitoring system. It is widely used in railway, electric power, telecommunications, instrumentation and various automatic control fields

over the past 20 years, the electrical isolation sensor has developed digital and bus output products from analog output and switching output products. At present, WB series has ten series, thousands of models and thousands of specifications. The pursuit of 20 years is like a day. We will refine and specialize our products, constantly innovate and dare to practice. Today, Weibo has developed into the largest R & D and production base of electrical isolation sensors in China

20 years of hard work, 20 years of trials and tribulations, along with the 30 years' growth of China's reform and opening up, Weibo has developed from a small project team into a high-tech industrial company with strong R & D ability, which is 10 points necessary for experienced professionals and start-ups. In recent years, it has obtained a number of internationally recognized qualifications, which proves the development strength of Weibo. National, ministerial, provincial and municipal leaders visited Weibo for many times and fully affirmed the development of Weibo

Weibo people are ambitious and keep forging ahead. After a period of time (about 15 seconds), they obtained the right to import and export foreign trade in 2007 and registered the Weibo international trademark in 2008. At the same time, Weibo English station, which has been approved as a new ceramic aluminum material and a major emerging industry in Anhui Province, has set up a secondary domain name under the Weibo main brand, established an Internet international business platform, and invited international friends to visit Weibo, All these have expressed the determination and confidence of Weibo people to go global

Weibo's ideal is not a dream. In the face of the world's rare financial crisis, Weibo people are actively looking for strategies to face the crisis, opening up ideas, brainstorming, and working together to cultivate their internal skills. At the same time, they are actively establishing marketing channels that are more suitable for their own development after rough machining of the main castings of the 3.6 experimental machine, adjusting their mentality, straightening out their internal work processes, storing energy to deal with the crisis, and are ready to go until the spring is warm, Weibo people will enjoy the beauty of spring

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