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Xinxiang 200000 ton coal to ethylene glycol project was completed and put into operation

it was learned from Xinxiang Municipal government that the 200000 ton coal to ethylene glycol project of Henan coal chemical group was completed and put into operation in Xinxiang on July 26

it is reported that the 200000 ton ethylene glycol project adopts Dongxia, a researcher of the Key Laboratory of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other researchers who are committed to the development and utilization of intelligent materials. The Academy of Sciences' world first coal to ethylene glycol core technology with independent intellectual property rights is the first set of coal to ethylene glycol industrial production and operation device in China. The operation steps of the project are as follows: the total estimated investment of the project system and gasification project is 3.1 billion yuan. After the project is officially put into operation, it can produce 200000 tons of ethylene glycol annually and realize 180million yuan of profits and taxes every year

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