The 200000 ton high pressure polyethylene project

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The 200000 ton high-pressure polyethylene project of Daqing Petrochemical is progressing smoothly. Recently, a message came from the stable branch of Daqing Petrochemical: the 200000 ton low-density high-pressure polyethylene unit project of Daqing Petrochemical, which enjoys the national special loan policy and is listed as the project that we should ensure the clean and urgent construction of zigzag testing machines, is progressing smoothly

the annual output of 200000 tons of low-density high-pressure polyethylene unit has a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. It adopts the patented technology of German Bassel company, and is the key project for the reconstruction and expansion of million tons of ethylene of CNPC. The damage caused by this set of metal fatigue is expected to be installed in March, delivered in mid August, commissioned in September, and officially put into operation in October. The annual output value will reach 1.3 billion yuan, which will become a new economic growth point of Daqing Petrochemical Branch

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