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The 18th multinational Instrumentation Exhibition opened in Shanghai. After two years of waiting, on September 18, 2007, the multinational instrumentation academic conference and Exhibition hosted by China instrumentation society was held in Shanghai again. The exhibition will last four days and end on the afternoon of the 21st

an endless stream of visitors

Chinese ■ yaw (5) 000j microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of finished highway bridge bearings. Since 1983, the national instrumentation society has successively initiated and organized a multi-national instrumentation academic conference and exhibition with UNESCO, UNIDO, the American instrumentation society, the British Society of measurement and control and the Japanese Society of measurement and control, MICONEX. Up to now, the 18th exhibition has been successfully held. This exhibition has attracted more than 550 manufacturers from more than 20 countries and regions. Most well-known enterprises at home and abroad in the instrument industry have attended the exhibition. Kimira (Korean Measuring Instrument Exhibition Group), GAMBICA (British analysis and Laboratory Instrument Exhibition Group) and domestic regional exhibition groups have participated in the exhibition again

all kinds of new product launches in the same period

miconex2007 continued the previous exhibitions, and further rationally planned the exhibition area on the basis of the more obvious regional differences in the distribution types. The exhibits cover industrial automation instruments and control systems (the first floor of the West Pavilion), electronic and electrical measuring instruments, scientific and technological instruments (the third floor of the West Pavilion), instrument materials, components and accessories, sensors, instrument process equipment and processing equipment, power instruments (the third floor of the West Pavilion), control valves (the first floor of the East Pavilion) and other product fields. International and domestic exhibition halls are set up according to the regional categories of exhibitors, Comprehensively display the latest products, technologies, schemes and practical cases of various industries in the field of instruments and meters at home and abroad

the academic exchange conference is the highlight of MICONEX

miconex2007 has inherited the "academic exchange, exhibition, technical exchange, trade negotiation and achievement transfer" advocated by many countries for many years. On the first day of the exhibition, the hot interaction between manufacturers and users once again proved the authority and influence of MICONEX. Although it rained and the scheduled opening ceremony was canceled, it did not affect the audience 2. The change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage. The seminar and new product launch venues were full, and the number of visitors reached a new record. As one of the key purchasing places for national departments to purchase large amounts of special funds for foreign advanced scientific instruments, a large number of world-famous manufacturers of instruments and meters have been gathered in many countries, and some foreign associations and groups have participated in it. MICONEX introduced thousands of instrument products from hundreds of manufacturers to the vast number of instrument users in China. At the same time, the products of China's famous instrumentation enterprises have been widely publicized to foreign merchants. The future replacement vehicle structure may bring more potential for such utilization, thus actively promoting the development of China's instrumentation industry. At the exhibition site, Siemens, Emerson, general electric industry group, national instruments, Foxboro, fluke, Turck, Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd., Zheda Central Control Automation Co., Ltd., Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., Shanghai Automation holding group, Fujian shangrun precision instruments Co., Ltd., Hongrun precision instruments Co., Ltd., Tianyi group Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instrumentation, etc

the setting in the upper area is very humanized

exhibitors only make moves to attract attention

China industrial control has conducted a live broadcast of the exhibition, which will be presented as a special topic at the end of the exhibition

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