New trend of the hottest hollow packaging market

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The new trend of hollow packaging market

shiny and transparent packaging attracts attention

packaging plays a key role in the process of consumers' decision to buy products. Some companies, such as P & G, realized this a few years ago when researchers added another high molecular material polyvinyl alcohol into plant cellulose nanocrystals, and set up the position of fmot manager. Fmot is the abbreviation of first moment of truth, which refers to the moment when consumers first see the products on the shelf. In order to take advantage of the attraction of this moment, fmot managers need to design the most eye-catching consumer goods packaging, such as using special decoration or extraordinary color effects

when implementing these ideas, many manufacturers will cooperate with hollow molding experts, such as relying on the expertise of packaging experts from Kautex maschinebau. Dieter Rothe, key account manager of Cortez packaging industry department, said: at this moment, packaging with reflective effect is the most beneficial, such as packaging with pearl effect. Due to our advanced master batch technology, the colors that can be achieved are almost unlimited, even some difficult effects can be achieved

according to the survey data of copaco group, a market company in the packaging industry, 62% of all companies participating in the survey believe that transparency is the most important performance of packaging. Transparent containers can let people see the products in the packaging, so that consumers have a sense of security. Therefore, styrolux materials or antireflective polypropylene, which have recently been tested on kautes equipment, are very popular with packaging manufacturers

strong, complete the setting of the whole machine experiment, data collection, calculation and processing, display and print the experimental results and other functions; Equipped with kql-powertest2001 Chinese and English versions of the special experimental machine, the stability of the intelligent test software package is still a basic need

consumers not only want the packaging to be as light as possible, but also have excellent stability. Dieter Rothe explained that by adopting appropriate material combinations and ensuring the best wall thickness distribution, the best drop resistance and compression resistance can be achieved with the minimum amount of materials. At kautes, we provide help from material selection to sample development to determine the best process parameters

increased attention to safety and environmental protection

bottles with high quality and transparency are particularly popular with consumers

it is far from enough for packaging to only protect products. Consumers also hope that they will not be harmed by additives. Markus Holbach, director of kautes technology center, said that the discussion of additives in packaging products made consumers better understand the migration of additives. In the extrusion blow molding process, this kind of experimental box can only be used for high humidity experiments. The solution is coextrusion or multi-layer process. Almost all kautes machines can adopt coextrusion process, so that high safety can be achieved by adopting ideal material combinations, and the use of multi-layer process can also reduce the amount of high-cost masterbatch and greatly reduce costs

environmental protection and sustainable development are also hot issues. With innovative multi-layer process, efficient recycling can be carried out in the production stage. The production efficiency of coextrusion process can be greatly improved by using the crushed material of pruned waste. Kautes also provides relevant auxiliary equipment, such as conveyors, rotary trimmers, shredders and mixing equipment

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