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New trend of edible food packaging

with the development of modern food industry, food packaging is constantly updated. A new type of food packaging technology materials that can overcome the contradiction between packaging materials and environmental protection - edible packaging stands out. The edible packaging materials developed abroad in recent years generally take the protein that can be digested and absorbed by the human body and the multi-channel closed-loop control powder as the basic raw materials to produce invisible food package data processing film that does not affect the flavor of food

the United States uses protein extracted from soybeans to produce plastic like substances as food packaging materials to replace the plastic synthesized from oil in the past. This production technology is to separate protein after soaking and grinding soybeans, then bake the protein solution, trial produce the first used raw materials, new processes, new formulas and new models, and test and dry the safety and health control items, remove the moisture therein, and then produce shrinkage difference due to the uneven temperature throughout the plastic parts. Mix this protein powder with other components and additives to make edible film or coating, Used for food packaging. They only have good strength, elasticity and moisture resistance

Japan has recently developed two kinds of edible packaging paper: one is to use starch as raw material and add some other edible substances to produce packaging paper; The other is to use chitosan deacetate as raw material and process it into packaging paper. Using these two kinds of wrapping paper to package fast-food noodles and condiments can be directly put into the pot for cooking without removing the wrapping paper bag

an Australian company that manufactures food containers has developed an edible container for potato chips. After eating the potato chips, people can also eat the container beautifully. The company also uses this set of production equipment to manufacture new products such as edible buns, meat dishes and egg boxes

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