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New trend of paint concept marketing

new trend of paint concept marketing

August 19, 2009

[China paint information] from the perspective of general strategy, the general operating principle of concept marketing is that on the basis of Market Research and prediction, enterprises focus on the combination of rational knowledge and positive emotion of consumers, refine the selling points of products or services, and create a concept with core value concept, Through this concept, we can spread the function orientation, value concept, cultural connotation, fashion concept, scientific and technological knowledge contained in the product or service to the target customers, so as to stimulate the psychological resonance of the target customers, make consumers form a deep impression of new products and enterprises, establish distinct function concepts, feature concepts, brand concepts, image concepts, service concepts, etc., and finally promote consumers to have purchase interest, And put it into purchase

according to the observation and statistical analysis of Deng chaoming, the chief planner of Evonik consultants, in the past decade, concept marketing has been popular in dozens of industries, such as food, beverage, wine, coating, flooring, doors, ceramics, education and training, small household appliances, white electricity, and computers. Basically, enterprises that are living better now have used this marketing strategy without exception, and are still keen to use it. For example, when any important new product comes into the market, the enterprise will put forward a core concept and proposition, or a lifestyle, or a technical concept, or a social phenomenon

there are not many concept marketing in the coating industry, especially the product concepts refined from the technical point of view, but many concepts are only mentioned in the industry, and the transmission time is only a short period of time, so it is often as if the decomposition temperature of the over foaming agent should be about 10 ℃ higher than the activity temperature of the polymer, which may leave a more unforgettable impression on the public is "two in one" and "full effect in one" "Pure taste", "color", "environmental protection", "health" and other references. Looking at some situations in the first half of 2009, combined with several cases of yingdao consultant, some new actions will take place in concept marketing

brands such as 3A environmental protection paint, Nippon, garberry, China Resources, and carlys have launched new products, and have introduced corresponding technical concepts, functional concepts, and consumption concepts. For example, 3A environmental protection paint adheres to the consistent idea of environmental protection paint, has reached strategic cooperation with DuPont, a well-known multinational company, and has introduced DuPont Teflon surface protection with a development history of nearly 70 years Metal material implementing machine; Protection technology optimizes and upgrades the functions of environmental protection coatings, and puts forward the concept of "double cleaning" function in the field of environmental protection home decoration coatings. On the one hand, the wall painted with "excellent and clean resistance" is still clean as new after more than 20000 times of repeated scrubbing, and an efficient anti fouling layer is formed on the wall surface, making the paint film smooth and tough, and dirt and dust are not easy to accumulate and penetrate on the wall, so as to keep the home environment clean for a long time, At the same time, BASF's taste purification technology is applied. The smell of "younaijing" is naturally pure, and it is committed to building a "pure home living space" for urban families in an all-round way

based on such a functional concept, 3A paint officially launched the home trend and trend concept of "pure life", and will launch a comfortable living project in combination with the planning and communication power of yingdao consultants, which is completely refined from the perspective of the cleanliness, taste, freshness and lightness of the home environment, focusing on the interests of consumers and the product technology of 3A paint. Different from the color, fragrance and space advocated by Nippon, 3A environmental friendly paint still adheres to the perspective of environmental protection and health, focusing on pure home and relaxed life

on the basis of its consistent color proposition, Nippon strengthened the function of purifying the taste, and then launched a new product "Jingwei 120", putting forward the concepts of "fast purifying the taste" and "pure competing for the taste", and vigorously promoted the advertisement of "fast purifying the taste, 120 points satisfaction". In fact, Nippon has always been an expert in concept operation. In its early years, it took the lead in introducing the concepts of "two in one", "full effect in one", "Jingwei", "Jingwei full effect", "aldehyde net" and so on, which have aroused good repercussions and become the object of imitation in the industry. On the other hand, it is impossible to accurately track the gauge change of the sample by manually moving the gauge rod; Its three once active paint brands, garberry, launched its upgraded version of children's paint "happy baby" children's paint in March, which is subdivided into children's latex paint and children's water-based wood paint, and vigorously promoted the technical concepts of "leading formaldehyde purification technology" and "continuous release of negative ions", which laid a good foundation for the market segmentation and product segmentation of "children's paint". In addition, classic paint once proposed the consumption of "blue cover" and "the new generation is classic paint", while "Dulux bamboo charcoal fresh house" added "natural activated bamboo charcoal factor" as its functional selling point, and proposed that this paint can decompose formaldehyde and convert it into moisture and harmless small molecular substances. At the same time, three trees, huarunqi, etc. have corresponding performance

it can be seen that the leading paint brands are no longer satisfied with some of the original primary concepts, and they are not only talking about "environmental protection" and "health" in a superficial way, but also begin to do deeper excavation and develop to a higher level of concept refinement, especially from the perspective of home lifestyle, consumption trends and fashion life trends. It is expected that they will find application in more paint enterprises

at the same time, Deng chaoming suggested that as long as coating enterprises can ensure the improvement of technology and functions, and then refine the requirements of these tensile testing machines for fixture materials, new technologies and new functions into a new concept, which can be told to the public, impress consumers and attract consumers to buy, this is a thing worth encouraging. Moreover, paint enterprises can follow these five routes when refining core selling points and concept propositions for new products, and this is also the strategy that yingdao marketing consultants adhere to when engaging in marketing planning and consulting services, mainly including the following: first, it is linked to high-tech; Second, it is linked to major events; Third, closely combine the vital interests of target customers; Fourth, match the consumption psychology of target customers, including terminal consumers, oil carpenters, decoration companies, etc; Fifth, we should keep pace with the overall consumption trend and lifestyle. Of course, we can also put forward some very flexible new life ideas and consumption ideas

this work is done well, which will provide very effective support for the later product promotion and ordering meetings, promotion, project promotion, decoration company cooperation, and even investment promotion. (Deng chaoming, chief partner of yingdao marketing consulting agency, senior marketing consultant, and network marketing practice expert)

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