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New thinking on packaging design of Chinese traditional Baijiu content abstract: as a packaging designer in the new era, we should give packaging new design concepts, understand society, understand enterprises, 3. Tensile experiment: understand commodities, understand consumers, and make accurate design positioning. Only through a comprehensive understanding of "meaning" and "image", can we design excellent wine packaging works that consumers love and the public miss

key words: wine packaging design positioning intention and image

packaging, as the crystallization of human wisdom, is widely used in life and production. As early as 3000 BC, Egyptians began to melt, cast and blow primitive glass bottles by hand for holding objects; At the same time, the Egyptians made a primitive paper trapezoid with the pith of papyrus, and the gap between the lead screws was larger than that of a large sheet for packaging items; In 105 BC, Cailun invented papermaking, and in China, labels made of hand-made paper appeared. In the long river of the development of human history, packaging design has promoted the continuous development of human civilization. Up to now, packaging has not only stayed at the level of commodity protection, but also brought visual pleasure and value-added psychological enjoyment of the perfect combination of art and technology to mankind

as a packaging designer in the new era, we should give packaging new design concepts, understand society, enterprises, commodities and consumers, and make accurate design positioning. The positioning idea of packaging design is a design guideline with strategic vision. Without positioning, there will be no purpose, pertinence, no target audience, and the goods will not be sold, which will lose the significance of the new era of packaging design. Only by following the design law can we make a design suitable for the development needs of the times

wine is one of the products and symbols of the material civilization of the Chinese nation. The long history of the Chinese nation has created a long history of wine civilization. Until today, it has affected China's traditional culture

in the Baijiu market with a wide variety, from the analysis of liquor sales, it is concluded that the unique style and extraordinary charm of inner and outer packaging of liquor play an important role in publicity and promotion of Baijiu sales. Many Baijiu manufacturers take the differentiation, uniqueness, originality, small batch quantification and personalization of liquor packaging as the leading ideas for developing Baijiu market. Today, as a consumption fashion, consumers of Baijiu also put forward higher requirements for its packaging design. Therefore, packaging design must have a systematic, comprehensive and complete design "conception" and "image" process

first, a more important design element in commodity packaging design is the shape of packaging, which is an artistic design with three-dimensional volume attribute. The shape of the inner and outer packaging of the product is determined by the function of the product itself. At the same time, for wine packaging, we should also pay attention to its cultural form. For example, according to the design theme, based on the local culture, we should comprehensively understand the history of anti alcohol culture and take the excavation of the gold content of wine culture as the standard. We should not only imagine what kind of graphics, structures and colors are used to reflect the internal quality of Baijiu, but also calculate its specifications, dimensions and other factors that belong to the quantitative and practical categories. Even the cost of products and packaging should be included in the design process. In the accumulation of traditional wine culture, in the comparative analysis of various kinds of wine packaging, and in the unity of opposites that constantly sublate, find the most suitable and in place design elements, so as to achieve the uniqueness of the overall packaging design and reflect the grade and taste of souvenirs. Design must work hard on "meaning" in order to design satisfactory packaging works

the source of "meaning". What is "meaning"? There is a famous saying in Tang Dynasty's zhangyanyuan's "historical famous painting theory": "meaning comes first." The category of "meaning" in Chinese traditional aesthetics originated from the book of changes. Later, Liu Xie said in "Wen Xin Diao Long Shen Si": "meaning confers thought, and words confer meaning." It can be seen that before creation, we need to go through in-depth conception activities to get "meaning". For all artistic creation, including the art of packaging and modeling design, "meaning" is the soul and core. Works without "meaning" are like soulless bodies, which survive but die

II. "Standing image"

"image" theory comes from the book of changes. It is said in the book of changes, series I, twelve that "saints set up images to fulfill their intentions". "Image" is bigger than "form", which comes from the theory of "image formed in heaven and formed on earth" in "Yi · tie CI Shang Yi". This concept of "standing image", that is, shape, image, modeling and other meanings, can include all visual forms and elements within the scope of packaging design. Therefore, in the design of wine packaging, we should take a macro perspective, start from the micro, pay attention to the detailed design, ranging from the grasp of the relationship between the main shape, color and material of the internal and external packaging, to the coordination between a silk thread, a socket and the whole. The most important thing is to make all kinds of "images" united in the most perfect and reasonable way, and we will design packaging works that are loved by consumers

any object in nature and anything people come into contact with in life are enlightening. Borrow the works of others (ancient or modern) into packaging design, and process and refine them to form a part of your own design works through imitation, generalization and other methods, so as to create shapes with new aesthetic significance. Anything with visual image can be borrowed. In real life and artistic creation, it refers to those images that can express some abstract concepts or thoughts and feelings. In the shape of wine packaging container, the starting point of design can be the symbol of driven plants, utensils, totems, gods and monsters, etc. the appearance is generally designed into a symbolic shape, and the direct relationship between the appearance and the connotation of the product must be reasonably handled. For example, taking the words of admiration and praise of the kings of all dynasties relative to Luzhou Laojiao as the background, and taking the "jade seal" as the shape, it symbolizes authority and nobility

color is very important in the application of packaging design. Therefore, before packaging design, we should be familiar with the law of color, the information processing of color and the technological properties of color. In terms of color technology, simplify the number of colors as much as possible, and make an overall plan from the cost. When designing, the less colors are used, the more important the expressiveness of image and composition is, reaching the highest level of using less colors but not monotonous, and using more colors but not messy. As a special commodity, wine will get unexpected results if it breaks through the conventional design in packaging color

"Guojiao 1573" original liquor souvenir packaging design, because of its special status and specific connotation, determines that its packaging design should have considerable depth and level in terms of shape, material, color, implication and so on. In order to make the design stand out from the more than 20 varieties and 80 packaging series products now owned by "Luzhou Laojiao", and reflect the unique style and excellent brand value, the author believes that the design should reflect the extreme of color, that is, the rarity is seen in the ordinary, and the jade Pu is seen in the simplicity. Only with accuracy and practice can we win by surprise. For example, in the design scheme, the "national cellar soul" series is mainly yellow and brown, reflecting a fresh and elegant feeling; "Laojiao ancient charm" series, mainly in bright red, dark green and light brown, reflects the sense of simplicity and solemnity; "Guojiao bottle" is mainly yellow, brown, brown and gold, reflecting a deep and noble feeling; "Guojiao Tianxiang" series is mainly in sapphire blue, white and silver, reflecting a sense of harmony and elegance. The colors of each group are unconventional, with different emphasis, and match the shape of the inner and outer packaging, which also appropriately reflects the attribute and value of souvenirs

through the elaboration of the overall design process of the "Luzhou Laojiao" and "Guojiao 1573" original liquor souvenir packaging design cases, the wine packaging design thinking is put forward with the concepts of "intention" and "image", which raises the packaging design of Baijiu, a special commodity with unique quality and high cultural content, to a more systematic and complete design concept, and the cultural goods market that improves the wine packaging design is in good condition; Today, the price of billets rose by 40, establishing the status of "cultural brand" of wine packaging. This is the ultimate goal of wine packaging system design. This concept can also be extended to all packaging design categories to play its role. At the same time, this concept also plays a positive guiding role in the teaching of wine packaging design. In the process of teaching, students should not only use pictures to guide their thinking, but also go deep into life, visit the scene, strengthen intuitive perception, and understand various factors inside and outside the product, so that students can realize that packaging design is not a simple "simple" packaging design, but should excavate and extract new design vocabulary from the internal cultural heritage of products and packaging and external social environmental factors. Only through a comprehensive understanding of "meaning" and "image", can we design excellent packaging works that consumers love and the public miss

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