New trends and opportunities in the development of

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New trends and opportunities in the development of printing technology

the 20th century has passed, and the world's printing technology has achieved rapid development and leap forward progress. Laser Phototypesetting and offset printing technology have brought printing, an ancient technology that originated in China and made Chinese people proud, to a new level. Today, at the beginning of the century, the world printing industry event is held in China, and the world's major printing manufacturers are well prepared and full of ambition. While fully appreciating the world's most advanced printing technology, we should also have a clear understanding and insight into the development trend and opportunities of printing technology

a German company has proposed new constituent materials: polyurethane composite calcium silicate phosphate ceramic filler, digital workflow will dominate all fields of printing technology

1. Digital processing and networking information transmission will develop rapidly

(1) full digital chemical process will replace analog image and page processing system, so that high-precision, digital color image acquisition, processing, image and text combination, proofing Output transmission and even direct plate making without film are in the dominant position. Gradually realize the multimedia output of page files. The system equipment supporting the prepress process is developing towards integration, specialization and diversification, and the supporting application software is developing towards openness, cross platform, do you know how to deal with it, intellectualization and file format standardization

(2) on the other hand, the application of new technologies has blurred the boundaries of the original division of labor, while mergers and acquisitions have made prepress business more concentrated. At the same time, the personalization of printing demand and the innovation of design are more demanding, and there is an increasingly obvious trend of division of labor in design, plate making and printing in the printing industry. In other words, there will be obvious polarization in the future printing industry: on one side, there are a few large enterprise groups, on the other side, there are a large number of small enterprises, while medium-sized enterprises are very few

(3) the implementation of digital process flow is the inevitable trend of the development of printing industry. With the development and improvement of dot copy scanning technology, digital proofing, computer direct plate making and digital process flow, the factors that hinder the promotion of digital technology gradually disappear. Advanced output technology and intelligent workflow management make the operation of digital printing more efficient

2. The problems that need to be solved for the full popularization of digital workflow:

(1) high-precision, high-performance digital cameras and color scanners, intelligent color calibration software must be widely used

(2) popularize and apply direct plate making machine and digital proofing technology

(3) strengthen the popularization and application of application software, especially intelligent software that can improve the degree of automation and production efficiency

(4) data transmission with high compression rate, recording and output of multiple media, as well as all new international file formats and standardized data processing and transmission technologies can be rapidly popularized and applied

(5) for Chinese processing system, we must also strengthen the development and unification of Chinese character library

2. Prepress technology, especially direct plate making technology, is the main force and focus of the development of printing technology in the next decade

1. The latest development trend of prepress industry

(1) in the prepress industry in the 21st century, the traditional plate making technology of phototypesetting film PS plate will not dominate. At present, direct plate making technology has begun a large-scale popularization stage from a small number of printing plants, The sales volume of computer direct plate making machines and related products, such as Copydot film scanners, continued to grow significantly

(2) because the direct plate making technology improves the plate making efficiency, the whole production cycle of printed matter is shortened and the printing quality is improved. The whole world's prepress and even the printing industry are concentrated here. According to the ranking statistics of the American Printing Technology Foundation (GATF), the computer direct plate making technology has been ranked first in the high-tech printing industry for four consecutive years since 1997. Foreign famous prepress equipment and plate manufacturing companies have launched their own direct plate making machines. For example, baoludefu, Agfa, screen, saiangel, Heidelberg, Kodak, Fuji, ECRM and other companies have their full line of direct plate making products. According to statistics at the end of 1999, 50 manufacturers around the world produced more than 80 kinds of direct plate making equipment. In 1999, 90% of the top 100 large printing enterprises in the United States adopted direct plate making technology. By 2000, at least 6000 direct plate making systems have been sold worldwide

(3) at present, the wide application of direct plate making technology makes the market of traditional plate making equipment and materials shrink continuously on the whole, such as the production volume of Phototypesetter, film processor, plate printer, PS plate processor and other equipment has decreased significantly, and it has been in the state of semi shutdown. According to experts' estimates, the laser Imagesetter will be gradually discontinued by 2005, and the film production process will no longer exist in 2010

(4) in May 2000, the Drupa2000 world printing conference was held in Duesseldorf, Germany. More than 90 manufacturers of direct plate making systems and materials from all over the world exhibited nearly 100 products. Manufacturers have exhibited many brand-new direct plate making equipment, and the direct plate making technology has also undergone many significant changes. The production technology is becoming more and more mature, which makes the direct plate making technology and the world prepress industry a big step forward, and also preliminarily forms the basic pattern of the world's direct plate making technology

(5) from the development process of the printing industry, each revolutionary development of prepress technology has greatly promoted the progress of the printing industry, and each progress of the printing industry is also inseparable from the development of prepress technology. At present, it is certain that the development of the printing industry in the next decade will largely depend on the progress of the prepress industry, and the focus of the development of prepress technology in the world in the future is the continuous development and popularization of direct plate making technology

(6) direct plate making and digital printing have become the mainstream of development, and the printing industry will further realize full digital workflow and improve efficiency

(7) digital technology has basically replaced traditional processes in the prepress field. Prepress design, pictures and other information are mainly transmitted through networks or electronic media. The cross regional, cross-border and cross continental cooperation of prepress industry can become a common phenomenon. Price negotiation, business provision, information exchange, Remote Proofing and production tracking can be carried out through networking and other means. The product can be designed and made in a certain place in the world, and then it can be easily made and printed in any other place

(8) looking at technological progress and competition, enterprises have higher requirements for prepress automation, and CTP - direct plate making technology is an important part to promote the complete automation of printing production. From this point of view, CTP technology can realize its true significance

2. Obstacles to the popularization of direct plate making technology and opportunities for technological development

while recognizing the continuous in-depth development of direct plate making technology, we should also see that there are still some difficulties and problems in the application and popularization of direct plate making technology, such as supporting technologies related to computer direct plate making technology, the operating habits of printing enterprises, the quality of industry personnel, daily consumables and other issues. At present, the main bottleneck restricting the popularization of direct plate making technology is plate materials, potions and other issues. At present, the cost of plates and potions used by direct plate making machines is nearly twice that of ordinary plates currently used. Many newspapers or printing houses are concerned and inactive about using direct plate making machines in consideration of long-term investment and cost

one view is that the final result and purpose of the development of printing and prepress technology is to finally abolish the prepress concept and realize direct printing from computer to printing machine. Maybe 10 or 20 years later, we will see this trend

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