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New trend of food flexible packaging equipment

normal> with the continuous development of modern science and technology, the requirements of the market for food packaging are increasing. The technical equipment of food flexible packaging has the following new trends:

normal> 1. HACCP management machinery technology, including preventing impurities from mixing into the meter, heating and sterilization conveyor belt, impurity or metal detector, environmental dust, plankton index tester, environmental sterilizer, As well as dust collectors on the surface of various packaging materials

normal> 2. Container forming and filling system under sterile conditions

normal> 3. Automatic packaging system of vegetables and fruits with transparent soft film to replace the tray (simplified packaging)

normal> 4. Various shapes of access pockets that can be filled and discharged into the soft bag are attached

n10, ormal> 5 after the last drop hammer falls, PET bottle high-speed molding machine and filling system

normal> 6. Containers with a volume of 1 ton

normal> 7. Sterile system for rice packaging

The gate should be large

normal> 8. Plastic containers for all kinds of milk, namely milliliter containers with ultra long service life in international circulation

normal> 9. Technology to prevent peeling between layers of composite packaging materials due to containing a variety of food or seasoning ingredients

normal> 10. Pursue low-cost packaging combined with circulation conditions

normal> 11. A system in which bag making and filling are carried out simultaneously

normal> 12. Flexible packaging materials that can discharge the gas generated by food, and various functional packaging

normal> 13. It can be used for holograms of all kinds of printing and labels. We use precision machines to ensure parameters to stabilize holograms to prevent counterfeiting and prove authentic products to attract attention




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normal> source: Shanghai packaging

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