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Pharmaceutical packaging polyhedron, new trends

in the past, the customers of the pharmaceutical industry were mainly doctors and pharmacists; Today, with the gradual popularization of the trend of consumers' self purchase of proprietary drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is also booming, and the number of customers is getting wider and wider. Take Germany for example. At present, about 30% of pills, drops, ointments and sprays are purchased directly through sales counters. A survey report shows that about 80% of the world's pharmaceutical production companies are optimistic about the huge counter direct selling market, with great development potential. Although this does not mean that the traditional method of obtaining drugs through doctors, hospitals and pharmacists is facing an end, it undoubtedly poses more competition for hospitals and clinics. In fact, the brand effect just shows that the patent medicine is a milestone in the health care industry

however, recently, many pharmaceutical companies have failed to make good plans. The reason is that many countries now encounter high costs in medical care, forcing politicians and insurance companies to take high-pressure measures against pharmaceutical manufacturers, directly increasing their production costs. For this reason, the pharmaceutical industry is eager to find ways to cope, such as manufacturing different types of drugs, so that consumers can buy unprecedented different types of drugs. On the other hand, while considering the production cost, drug production engineers should also consider the design of increasingly small package sizes

application of white packaging technology

putting thousands of small drugs into a large transport box and then transporting them to various places is the most common packaging method at present. Drug packaging plants equipped with printing technology now mostly use white folding carton boards and non printing reel label paper as the materials for packaging drugs to improve the flexibility of packaging. In addition, multicolor printing and splashing coating on packaging boxes are also the development trends of the industry, which helps to improve consumers' understanding of pharmaceutical ingredients, but the quality of equipment can not guarantee more understanding, and also strengthens consumers' recognition of pharmaceutical brands. In terms of technology, at present, many packaging machines have built-in printing technology, and the emergence of digital printing has pushed packaging printing to a peak

as for the labels of ampoules (small glass bottles for injection), plastic bottles and small medicine bottles, they are usually directly engraved on the bottles by using Lei to provide customers with personalized technical services. Similarly, glass containers are also laser engraved with English digital codes, signs to various patterns, and then covered with colored bottle rings. The manufacturer said that 400 laser labels can be engraved per minute

mechanical technology has become a packaging upstart

since the mechanical arm emerged in the packaging industry 15 years ago, few pharmaceutical manufacturers have used this technology for packaging production, and the food and candy industry has always been a frequent customer of mechanical packaging technology

however, with the rapid development of packaging technology, the packaging machinery for pharmaceutical products has also been innovated. For example, in the past, only mechanical technology was used for pill packaging. Today, packaging machinery has developed to compile complex drug packaging procedures at the same time. For example, the packaging machinery of a German machinery manufacturer can compile the packaging of nine drugs per minute 30 times, and meet the safety standards to maintain the quality of products

the most obvious advantage of mechanical drug packaging is that it reduces the opportunity for counterfeit products to imitate the original drug packaging; At the same time, the pressure testing machine is suitable for the contraction test under the rated experimental force, which can print more drug notes clearly, so that consumers can clearly choose and take drugs

drug packaging emphasizes safety

the current concern of drug packaging is how to reduce accidents caused by children's exposure to drugs or misuse of drugs. Statistics show that 30% of child deaths in many countries are caused by misuse of drugs. Some governments have legislated to control all blistered or packaged drugs, because the packaging of these drugs is similar to that of many sweets. The EU will also compile a standard book on drug packaging safety this year

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