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The new technology used in the production of linerboard

now, the quality of vermicelli linerboard (easy to disperse and mix test liner) with waste paper as the main raw material is getting better and better, and the gram weight can also be greatly reduced. What is the reason? Relevant paper experts said that this was mainly due to the improvement of paper machine equipment and the improvement of papermaking technology

at present, the paper machine for the production of vermicelli paperboard generally adopts a long machine, which is equipped with multiple hydraulic headboxes, which can control the dilution of the slurry. The press department is equipped with a wide pressing area press and symbelt shoe press. After the drying cadre, it is equipped with an optisonft soft calender. The use of these equipment not only improves the mechanical properties of the paperboard such as bursting resistance and ring pressing, but also improves the surface quality of the paperboard

even the pinch former, which was mostly used in the production of tissue paper in the past, has been used in the production of packaging paperboard in recent years. In addition to the improvement of the paper machine, the open-loop control is also called valve port control. Human will is fully exerted. In recent years, there have also been great improvements in the preparation of slurry. Voith Sulzer company provides a high technology called met (most efficiency technology), which is specially used for the production of packaging paper, The slurry (the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife: the crusher above 20HP 0.8mm is the best pulp board or waste paper) is first dredged in the twinpulper pulper, and the waste is discharged from the slag extractor and the drum screening machine. After the slurry is further purified by the protector system, fibersorter hole filter and weight purifier that removes the sticky substances, it is then screened at multiple levels to separate the long fibers from the short fibers, and then sent to the headbox. The in-depth purification of the slurry improves the operation performance and processing performance of the paper machine, and keeps the product quality stable

it is also worth mentioning that valment's cardboard drying technology, called cendebelh, is a promising technology, although only two paper mills have adopted it at present. Using condebelt drying technology, some new kinds of paperboard can be made, which has good performance in case processing. The edge compressive strength (ECT) of boxboard produced from waste paper is equivalent to that of kraft linerboard (made from virgin fiber pulp), and the printing performance has been greatly improved, mainly manifested in clear printing images and low ink consumption

after the corrugated board is made of condebelt dried cardboard, the ECT strength is increased by 30% and the compressive strength of the carton is increased by nearly 40%, which can meet the requirements of the market for low quantity and high strength

in terms of technology, the production of white vermicelli board has been greatly improved, which is reflected in two aspects: first, the carbon dioxide nano particle technology is adopted to form a complex retention/filtration system; second, the AKD alkaline sizing with high retention sensor force measurement rate is implemented, thereby improving the carbonate level. With this improvement, paperboard production has entered alkaline papermaking, which is mainly used for the surface layer, and sometimes also for the surface layer and bottom layer. Nano particle technology not only improves the quality of paperboard, but also is conducive to environmental protection and cost reduction

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