New trends of the hottest food soft packaging

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New trend of food flexible packaging

at present, new packaging materials and new packaging systems developed to meet the needs of various purposes are constantly launched. For example:

(1) HACCP related technologies: meters to prevent foreign matters from mixing, conveyor belts that can be heated and sterilized, detectors of various foreign matters or metals, environmental dust count/floating bacteria count detectors, environmental sterilization lamps, various dust collectors on the surface of packaging materials, etc

(2) an automatic packaging system for fruits and vegetables packaged with transparent soft film

(3) technology to prevent the delamination of composite packaging materials due to the presence of multiple functional food or seasoning ingredients

(4) flexible packaging materials and various functional packaging with the function of discharging gas generated by food

(5) it is applicable to holograms and precision holograms of various printing and labels

(6) various containers of 1 ton weight

(7) various shapes of inlet and outlet pockets are attached for filling and discharging into the soft bag

(8) high speed forming machine and filling system for PET bottles

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