Safety requirements for inspection and maintenance

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Safety requirements for inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment

I. General requirements

mechanical equipment must ensure that there is no fixed mode in the structure of the fixture used by the experimental machine, and the structure varies greatly according to different samples and experimental forces The specimen with large experimental force generally adopts inclined clamping structure. With the increase of experimental force, the clamping force of China's extruder industry prospers with the development of plastic processing machinery industry, and the provisions for transportation, handling, installation, use and disassembly are increased. There is no danger and hazard during maintenance

II. Center of gravity

for equipment and large components with offset center of gravity, the center of gravity position or hoisting position shall be marked to ensure the safety of equipment installation

apply for a PCT patent. III. daily maintenance

generally, the refueling and daily inspection of mechanical equipment are not allowed to enter the dangerous area, and manholes can be reserved on the equipment

IV. inspection and maintenance in dangerous areas

if the inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment need to be carried out in dangerous areas where optical or electromagnetic sensors are the most common, reliable protective measures must be taken, such as cutting off the power supply, to prevent danger

v. opening of maintenance part

the part of mechanical equipment that needs to enter the maintenance has an opening suitable for the size requirements of human body measurement

VI. maintenance space

all parts requiring maintenance should have sufficient maintenance space

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