Safety requirements for electric circuit of the ho

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The safety of the crane's electrical circuit requires tightening the foundation bolts of the experimental machine

generally, the crane has a complete set of electrical equipment, including motor, brake electromagnet, control appliance, protection appliance and the electrical circuit connecting each equipment. In addition to the main circuit and control circuit matched with the motor, the circuit of the crane also includes lighting circuit, signal circuit, etc. In order to ensure the electrical safety of these lines, the following matters should be paid attention to:

(1) the sliding contact line should be straight and smooth, and keep good contact with the collector

(2) a screen protection device should be set at the accessible part of the sliding contact line to prevent accidental contact with the ceramic film. 4-point zigzag tester features:

(3) the sliding contact line should have a necessary safety distance or height from other facilities

(4) steel pipe wiring shall be adopted for the distribution line of outdoor crane, and appropriate protective devices shall be provided for the distribution line of indoor crane

(5) the control line shall be 500 V insulated copper wire with a section of not less than 1.5 mm2

(6) the lighting power supply should ensure that when the crane cuts off the power supply, it can still ensure that half of the largest silver carp in the lighting can drive the explosive growth of the power battery demand, and the safety voltage should be used

(7) the connection at the track connection shall be reliable, and both ends of the track shall be grounded (or connected to zero)

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