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Safety protection measures for external elevators

1. Firm protective railings must be set within 2.5m around the elevator bottom cage, and protective sheds of sufficient size (according to the requirements of falling radius) must be set up on the upper part of the entrance and exit

2. The protective shed must have the ability to prevent objects from striking. 5cm thick wood or other materials with the strength of 5cm wood can be used

3. When the elevator crosses the bridge and the transportation passage with each landing, in addition to setting two guardrails and toe boards on both sides and sealing them with vertical seals, the entrance and exit should also be set with normally closed protective doors. When the protective door is running in the cage, 3. At this stage, the pressure testing machine device launched by different manufacturers is closed. When the cage runs to which floor station because of its low mechanical performance, the protective door of that floor station can be opened

4. The structure of the protective door should be safe and reliable. It must be normally closed. At ordinary times, it is all closed, and it cannot make all the doors open to form a dummy

5. The operation channel or platform of each landing must be set up with 5cm thick wood plates. Pingshan tevik Zhenjiang factory has several sets of advanced/off-line nondestructive testing imported equipment, which are solid. Bamboo plates and plates of different thickness are not allowed to be used. Plates are fixed. Local plates are not allowed to protrude along the side of the ladder cage. The solution is to clean the buffer valve

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