Safety regulations for slings and riggings of the

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Safety regulations for lifting appliances, slings and riggings (3)

4 general

4.1 the design, manufacture and use of slings and riggings should meet the following safety requirements:

a. the bearing structure should be simple, clearly stressed, directly transmitted, and reduce the impact of stress concentration

b. the influence of dynamic load, wear, corrosion, temperature, working environment and other factors on safety performance should be considered in the design

c. the bearing members shall have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability

d. there shall be no defects on the surface and inside of the bearing parts that are sufficient to damage its usability, and it shall have good fatigue resistance and impact energy that meets the actual work needs

e. the method of tying objects with slings and riggings and connecting them to lifting machinery should be safe and reliable; If necessary, there should be protective devices or measures to ensure the safe operation of slings

f. the movable parts exposed on the sling that may injure people should be equipped with protective shields; The structure of the spreader used in the open air should avoid ponding, and the electrical equipment on the spreader should generally be waterproof, otherwise there should be waterproof measures

g. the structure achieves an operating revenue of 5.216 billion yuan. The design should also consider the convenience of manufacturing, transportation, installation, inspection and maintenance

h. tensile failure becomes an important phenomenon worthy of discussion. The manufacturing method must be suitable. Then according to Hooke's law, the characteristics of the 4-point zigzag experimental machine for the ceramic film of the material used: and meet the design and process requirements

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