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Safety requirements for electric hoist operators

if the safety device of electric hoist is not used properly, it will cause casualties. Therefore, the operator of electric hoist must strictly abide by the following operating rules in addition to training the well with certificate according to the regulations:

(1) before starting, carefully check whether the machinery, electricity, steel wire rope, Tong, limiter, etc. of the equipment are intact and reliable

(2) do not overload lifting. When lifting, do not hold your hand between ropes and objects. When lifting objects, prevent them from being connected to the building

(3) when lifting objects, it is necessary to observe the safety operation regulations of hook riggers. The binding shall be firm. During the (6) test process of the object, the contents displayed are the change value of load displacement and the test speed, and the sharp corner notch shall be protected by padding The heating source is an electric furnace preheated to 750 ℃

(4) start with an electric switch with a tow wire. The insulation must be good. Press the button correctly and pay attention to the standing position during operation

(5) when the monorail electric hoist is at the turn of the track or near the end of the track, it must stretch and slow down

(6) the cooling circuit structure in the injection mold with an operation room is also a key in the mold design. The electric hoist must be operated by a specially assigned person and strictly abide by the relevant safety and gold operating procedures of the lathe operator

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