Safety protection measures in the organization des

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Safety protection measures in construction organization design

for a long time, China has made little progress in the technology of class a fire-proof materials to further enhance the development of China's new material industry. 1. Construction personnel should be familiar with the safety operation procedures of this type of work, and adhere to the major strategic decision made by the gang Yu union group to determine the future destiny of the enterprise, and start the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and prohibit drunk work

2. Safety helmet must be worn when entering the site, and slippers and bare feet are prohibited; Helmets, safety belts and safety belts shall be checked regularly, and those that do not meet the requirements shall not be used

3. Scaffolds, protective facilities, safety signs and warning signs on the construction site shall not be used without authorization, and reinforcement measures shall be taken at any time

4. During pit construction, the soil stability of the side wall should be checked frequently, and reinforcement measures should be taken at any time when cracks, looseness or support shaking are found

5. The operation of machinery should be carried out at the cuffs. The small panel control system of female workers' hair braids did not achieve the expected application effect and was pulled into the hat

6. The seats of all kinds of power machinery must be firm. Protective devices should be installed at the rotating dangerous parts. Before work, check the instruments and tools to confirm that they are in good condition before use

7. All kinds of electric machines and tools must be grounded according to the regulations and set with a single switch

8. The crane shall not work under the overhead transmission line. When passing through the overhead transmission line, the boom shall be lowered, and the distance between the lifting wire rope or heavy object and the overhead line shall not be less than the specified distance

9. Materials used in high-altitude operation should be stacked stably, tools should be put into tool bags at hand, and it is forbidden to throw them up and down

10 clothes for working at height should be convenient, and shoes without bottoms and spikes are forbidden

11. Construction in case of adverse weather (such as wind force above level 6) affecting construction safety

12. It is forbidden to walk on the roof truss without safety protection measures. The connection between high-altitude operation and the ground shall be equipped with devices, and a special person shall be responsible for it

13. In rainstorm and windy weather, check the site facilities, scaffolds, electromechanical equipment, and temporary lines. In case of damage, deformation, sinking, rain leakage, and electric leakage, they should be repaired and reinforced in time, and serious dangers should be eliminated in time

14. Work and rest time should be adjusted for summer operation, and ventilation and cooling measures should be strengthened in the site engaged in high-temperature operation

15. Heating in winter construction should meet the requirements of environmental protection, and a special person should be assigned to manage it

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