Safety protection measures for the storage of the

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Safety precautions for chemical storage

1. Before going on duty, you must appreciate the characteristics of the stored chemicals and cannot operate consciously

2. Strictly follow the operating procedures to perform the operation. Before operation, you must wear protective articles, such as protective clothing, protective gloves, protective masks and protective masks

3. Operators shall not contact chemicals when skin splitting occurs on their hands, faces, etc

4. When loading, unloading and handling chemicals, light loading and unloading should be achieved. It is strictly prohibited to fall, touch, impact, drag, dump and rotate

5. Do not eat or drink in your homework, and do not wipe your mouth, face and eyes with your hands. It is not easy to be eaten by insects and does not have fungal eyes. At the end of each lesson, wash your face and hands with soap (or public detergent) in time, rinse your mouth with clean water, and wash and store protective equipment in a centralized manner

6. When loading and unloading hazardous chemicals, the operation line is drawn on the prepared sample by printing or manual method (the addition of the line will not have any impact on the sample). Staff should not do tasks related to the task, concentrate on the loading and unloading environment, so as to adopt emergency measures in case of abnormal environment and in addition

7. When the skin comes into contact with acidic chemicals, take off the contaminated clothes immediately and wash it with a large amount of active water for at least 15 minutes; Leave the work site quickly and go to the place with novel air to keep breathing unobstructed

8. Be familiar with the early handling methods of chemical accidents, and the use of protectors 27. Have two-level limit protectors of program control and machinery, and fire-fighting equipment

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