The hottest Tibetan Scripture in China, Jiaxing Ti

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Jiaxing collection, the largest Tibetan Scripture in China, will be published.

Jiaxing collection, the largest and most complete Chinese Tibetan Scripture in Chinese history, has been excavated and sorted out for more than ten years, and the re compilation and photocopying work have been basically completed. It will be launched by the Ethnic Publishing House within a few months. This is the first time in history that Jiaxing Tibet has been published in the form of a complete book

"Jiaxing collection", also known as "Jingshan collection", "fangce collection", etc., is a Tibetan Sutra published and engraved by several generations of Chinese monks over 200 years from the late Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty. Because the publishing time was too long, and it was published and circulated at the same time, the Jiaxing collection of that year did not leave a complete catalogue or the whole book. In line with the purpose of collecting collections from all over the country, sorting them reasonably, and presenting the true face of the complete book "Introduction to Jiaxing collection by the above-mentioned person in charge". After nearly seven years of hard work, the national publishing house and the Beijing Cihang classic Jiaxing collection Consulting Center have carried out Carpet Collection and excavation in libraries and temples in the mainland and Taiwan, and finally sorted out and determined the entire collection catalogue of Jiaxing collection

then convert the pressure signal into a 4 ~ 20mA DC signal and output the memorial ceremony of the re edition of Jiaxing collection, and the publishing review meeting of the re edition of Jiaxing collection was held here today

Gao Jianzhong, executive deputy director and general manager of the Jiaxing collection collation and Publication Committee, introduced that it was determined that the original collection was 211 letters, 1676 kinds; There are 167 letters of sequestration, sequestration and addendum, with 57 or more than 800000 yuan per ton. The total collection is 378 letters, 2246 kinds, 2652 volumes, and more than 12000 volumes of scriptures. The main Tibetan part basically includes all kinds of sutras translated from Chinese into Indian scriptures; The sequel, sequel, and addendum include Chinese Buddhist works that were not included in the previous Chinese Tripitaka, including sutras, commandments, Historical Biographies, quotations, etc

in order to complete this project, the national publishing house has formed a publishing Committee for the collection of Jiaxing, which is organized by the China Buddhist Association and leaders, senior Buddhist experts and publishers under the trend of Buddhist consumption upgrading in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Yi Cheng, President of the China Buddhist Association, made a general preface for the re compilation of Jiaxing collection

it is reported that the printing and publishing theme project of Jiaxing collection has been basically completed, that is, 380 letters of the full set of books have been printed and loaded, 340 letters have been printed and loaded, and the remaining 40 scriptures are expected to be completed by the end of this year. Its collation and publication are based on the principle of the old as the old, with the original large-scale plate making, rice paper printing, thread packaging into volumes, and container packaging. With exquisite materials and exquisite workmanship, it can be called a masterpiece of the blueprint of Chinese Buddhist scriptures

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