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Recently, several listed bill printing companies have issued performance bulletins. According to the data disclosed by the companies, the bill printing companies have increased in varying degrees in terms of annual gross operating income, operating profit, total profit and net profit, especially Fujian Hongbo Printing Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Annie Co., Ltd. In addition, from the perspective of business scope, the business structure of several bill printing companies is changing, and they have gradually developed from a single bill industry enterprise to a comprehensive printing enterprise. Diversified operation, actively participating in government bidding, making smart cards, opening up digital printing, entering the field of packaging and electronic labels, etc. have become the choice goals of diversified operation of bill printing enterprises

the demand of the bill market is growing steadily

in order to facilitate viewing and comparison, the author lists the main business data of three listed bill printing companies, including Donggang Security Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Donggang printing company), Fujian Hongbo Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongbo printing company) and Xiamen Annie Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Annie printing company) in the table by category

it can be seen from the table that the steady growth of the company's performance is the operating condition of Donggang printing company in 2011. According to the data of its annual performance express, various types of revenue have achieved steady growth, some close to 10%. Hongbo printing company's performance growth was somewhat higher than expected. Its total operating revenue increased by 43.25% year-on-year, and the growth rates of the other three indicators were double-digit, 13.37%, 15.42% and 17.83% respectively. In 2011, the performance of Anne printing company, which was questioned, increased slightly, and its profit increased significantly in 2011. In this regard, the company said that the company's low profit in 2010 was due to its small base of comparison

the stable growth of traditional bill printing business indicates that the market development tends to be mature and the demand for bill printing grows steadily. But be prepared for danger in times of peace. With the development of networks and the social demand of low-carbon and environmental protection, the electronization of bill printing may become a trend. From the perspective of foreign markets, in the North American market, some research reports believe that in the next few years, the bill printing volume will decline by an annual trend of 4% to 5%, and the decline rate will accelerate. Will this have a great impact on the business of bill printing enterprises? Liu Hong, general manager of Beijing Donggang Security Printing Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the author: bank notes have indeed decreased a lot, but it continues to have new products. For example, the manufacturer of high standard passbook will provide a good model for the experimental machine industry in the past. The printing volume is very large, and now the passbook has been replaced by cards. The important purpose of bank bills is to avoid risks. When we reduce the use of important things, the supporting non important things will increase, such as bills for customers to sign. If there are more such bills, our printing volume will be more

diversified operation, playing combination cards

I saw the announcement of winning the bid of bill printing enterprises on relevant stations such as the Ministry of Finance and government procurement. From the target point of view, traditional bill printing products are still their main projects. For example, Beijing Zhongrong security printing company, affiliated to Beijing banknote printing factory, whose main products are value-added tax invoices, local tax invoices, financial bills, insurance policies, cheques, etc., won the bid for the printing and procurement project of the legal professional qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of justice at the end of last year, with a bid winning amount of 24 yuan/set. At the end of last year, Donggang printing company won the bid for the 2011 treasury bond publicity materials printing project of the Ministry of finance, with a bid amount of 1.4175 million yuan; On January 9 this year, won the bid for the 2012 mother and child certificate of the Ministry of health 4 Clamp both ends of the shoelace in the upper and lower clamp pliers respectively, and the sample shall be printed in a plumb state after clamping. The bid winning amount is 16.7709 million yuan

however, due to the obvious decrease in the profit of bill printing in recent years, diversified operation has also become the norm for bill printing enterprises to seek development. In depth study of the annual report of bill printing companies is not difficult to find that their business scope is expanding, including smart cards, digital printing, color printing, high-end packaging, electronic labels and other fields. Bill printing enterprises are seeking a breakthrough from a single bill printing territory

for example, Donggang printing company is gradually transforming into a comprehensive service provider integrating bill printing, color printing, data processing printing, card printing and other services

Hongbo printing company, which has been operating in the bill industry for more than 10 years, relies on bill printing, constantly develops new products and customers, develops new product markets such as personalized color printing, smart card, financial service outsourcing, etc., seizes new market share, and realizes the transformation from a traditional commercial ticket supplier to a comprehensive service provider. Its five-year enterprise development plan includes the strategy of developing from a single bill industry enterprise into a comprehensive printing enterprise integrating high-end packaging, publishing, smart card and digital printing. Annie printing company also signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangxi lucky lottery center at the end of last year to expand () new business of agent sales of lottery tickets; At the beginning of this year, it was also agreed that its wholly-owned subsidiary Annie (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. would acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Super Labeling System Co., Ltd. for 28million yuan in a year without human error. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhimei printing, also has a solid bill printing business, which complements the parent company

making full use of preferential tax policies

being recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the state is not only an honor for enterprises, but also can enjoy the tax preferences of relevant national policies. In addition, when bidding, high-tech enterprises are still a heavy weight to win the bid. Therefore, enterprises attach great importance to whether they can strive to be recognized as high-tech enterprises by the state

among the bill printing enterprises, Donggang printing company has been a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state for many years. In February this year, the company passed the reexamination and extended the validity of its qualification for three years. Hongbo printing company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise last year, and the period of validity is from October 9, 2011. It is understood that high-tech enterprises are generally limited for three years. According to relevant regulations, high-tech enterprises can apply for the preferential tax policy of levying enterprise income tax at the tax rate of 15% within three years, which is very beneficial to the development of enterprises. General printing enterprises pay enterprise income tax at 17%, and 2% can save a lot of money for bill printing listed enterprises with a total operating income of hundreds of millions of yuan

expand share capital and want to do large-scale

there is another phenomenon worthy of attention. Among the three enterprises that release the pendulum, Hongbo printing company has formed the embryonic form of industrial chain layout after the adjustment in 2011. The industrial scale of the company is expanding day by day, and the emerging businesses of its subsidiaries are also in full swing. The company is stepping into the track of rapid development. To this end, in its 2011 annual performance report, it announced a high-profile dividend allotment. It plans to increase 9 shares per 10 shares and distribute cash of 2.65 yuan. After the increase, the total share capital of the company will increase to 298million shares. The company said that with the rapid development of the company, in order to support the development of the company's business, the company has an urgent need to expand its share capital

for an enterprise, after a period of development, when all aspects of profit indicators meet the standard, becoming bigger and stronger is its higher pursuit target. Expanding capital stock is conducive to the enterprise to strengthen capital circulation, improve production capacity and create more value

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