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Tibet Guobiao cable factory introduces how to choose and buy home decoration wires

Tibet Guobiao children's shoes are marked with 12 points (which can also be increased or decreased according to customer requirements). Cable factory introduces how to choose and buy home decoration wires

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summer inflammation, the use of air conditioners and electric fans is increasing day by day, and the voltage load of electricity is rising. Safety issues deserve attention, especially old and aging wires, It is necessary to replace the wires in time to prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire and reduce the property losses of the people. Shaanxi Qinli cable factory reminds you that when purchasing and replacing wires and cables, you must pay attention not to buy low-quality wires. There are also great potential safety hazards when using low-quality wires

how to choose wires for home decoration

home decoration wires are different from other wires. Home decoration wires are used at home, so we should be cautious about the quality of wires. A national standard wire can make us feel more at ease in the process of use and have a longer service life. So, how to select SNS for social media users covering a large national standard wire? The common hydraulic universal testing machine is manual operation? Shaanxi Qinli cable factory briefly introduces the purchase standard of wires:

1 The length of each coil of wire is 100 meters, with a positive and negative error of 0.5 meters, which meets the requirements of the national standard; Common wire models in home decoration: bv single strand, BVR multi strand, BVV double glue single strand, RVs double glue

2. Common specifications of wires: 1 square/1.5 square/2.5 square/4 square/6 square/10 square, etc. The difference between bv/bvr marked on the wire: BV is a single strand wire, BVR is a multi strand wire, and BVR with the same cross-sectional area is about 10% more expensive than bv

r has the following advantages compared with BV: first, it is convenient for hydropower construction; second, it is not easy to break the line when bending; Third, it can be better applied to some narrow spaces, which is convenient for bending

first, it is recommended to buy famous brand products produced by well-known enterprises. These enterprises have relatively strict quality control of their own products, with key speed regulation and experimental force displacement digital display, which can ensure the quality of products to a certain extent

II. Pay attention to the product identification. When purchasing wire and cable products, you should observe whether the product's certificate has marked the product model, specification, rated voltage, number of cores, production date, executive standard, license number and other relevant information completely, and the continuity signs of factory name, product model and rated voltage should be printed on the surface of the product to verify whether the relevant information of the two is consistent

III. check the material of the product. When purchasing cables, pay attention to identifying the material of the cable, such as whether the insulation and sheath are elastic, whether there are burrs or protrusions on the surface, and whether the appearance should be smooth, round and uniform in color; If the copper (aluminum) core can meet the requirements, the conductor resistance should be tested if possible

IV. pay attention to the length. There is a length mark on the certificate. You can first estimate the length of a circle of wire in the package of the finished product, and then count the number of circles of the coil to see whether the length of the wire is "short"

v. when selecting wire and cable products, you should consult an experienced professional electrician and use wires with appropriate section size and voltage level according to your own electrical load

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