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Tianzhou communication 95013 allows private calls to avoid harassment

a "1.7 million owners' private information was publicly sold" caused a publicity uproar on the Internet. Seeing this post, people are deeply touched. Just ask, who has not received spam messages and boring harassment! As everyone knows, personal information such as personal number, address, ID number and so on is becoming a valuable major circulation "commodity", followed by endless advertising messages and promotions, and users complain repeatedly

recently, Beijing Tianzhong plastic extruder market, a famous enterprise in the communication industry, has also made great progress and breakthroughs. Zhou Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing qintianxia Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic service company, have joined hands to reach a strategic cooperation to jointly launch intelligent software products that protect users' privacy and security. This product integrates the "95013 call center" of Tianzhou communication with Qin's "communication steward", provides a safe, fashionable and smooth platform for users who often need to communicate, and makes every effort to create a green communication concept, so that users can fully experience the pleasure of random answering and autonomous communication

private calls to avoid the disclosure of real numbers

when a user using the software dials a stranger, the caller ID of the other party no longer shows the user's real number, but instead a virtual number opened with 95013. Users can inform others of this 95013 virtual number. Others call 95013 virtual PCI and point out the proposed number in the report to contact the owner

in order to avoid harassment, the owner can choose to temporarily close the 95013 virtual number. After the number is closed, the virtual number will be in the empty number state. At this time, others will not be able to call this number. Therefore, even if the user's 95013 number is obtained by information traffickers, users do not have to worry about being harassed by endless marketing. Meanwhile, when using the 95013 private call function, the original communication mode of the user will not be affected

SMS filtering engine, protect personal privacy space

intelligent software adopts patented anti harassment engine. Users do not need to set blacklists or keywords. The software will automatically help users filter annoying spam messages, with a recognition rate of 95%. At the same time, if users don't want others to see their call records and text messages, intelligent software can also encrypt the call and text message records of users and private contacts, and then save them to a private space that only the owner can view, so as to protect the owner's personal privacy from infringement

strong forces work together to break the passive impasse of privacy protection.

Tianzhou communication is a high-tech enterprise whose main business is to provide telecom value-added services. With the approval and permission of the Ministry of information industry of the people's Republic of China, Tianzhou communication specializes in the operation of telecommunication value-added services, and has obtained the ICP license and the call center operation license. It uses 95013 as its exclusive business access number to carry out value-added services. At present, Tianzhou communication has established a national operation service network in 30 provinces and cities across the country. It also has long-term cooperation with China Market Association, China Minsheng Bank, Beijing Merchants Bank, Beijing 999 emergency center and other institutions to provide them with comprehensive communication solutions

qintianxia is a leading professional security service company in the world, providing users with anti-virus, anti spam information, privacy encryption and other security services. Users all over the world. This article will teach the plastic selection of tensile testing machines in more than 200 countries and regions, and provide commercial services in China, Russia, Ukraine, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. At present, Qin Tianxia has become a strategic partner of China Mobile in the security field, providing technical and operational support for China Mobile's information steward service

this time, the cooperation between Tianzhou communication and Qin technology, two heavyweight high-tech enterprises, will bring users a new green communication mode, enabling users to achieve complete privacy protection in the whole process from dialing, answering, and sending and receiving text messages. From then on, users' personal privacy protection will jump out of the passive situation and become active. CBSI China·

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