Eastman Kodak launches digital printing online coa

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Eastman Kodak launched digital printing online coating and glazing technology

for many years, digital printers have been looking forward to online coating and glazing technology to ensure that digital prints are free from scratches, oil stains and fingerprints. Fortunately, Eastman Kodak and Saikang international have successfully launched the drum stripping experiment and applied this technology to their own commercial products equipped with different fixtures. In addition to glazing and coating processing, Kodak nExpress' fifth imaging unit solution can also encourage printers to add a fifth kind of dry ink - red, green or blue. The application of the fifth unit not only complements the four-color printing assumption that the machine brush will not be used for a period of time, which greatly expands the printing color gamut, but also enables better Pantone color matching and better spot color reproduction. Saikang printing protection technology adopts a two-component water-based coating system. This coating is a non patented silicone lotion. The operator can freely adjust its concentration to effectively control the thickness of the coating and ensure its rapid drying

a user who used secon printing protection to turn into multi-material composite technology commented: "this technology effectively promotes that digital printing can easily enter post press processing equipment, such as folding or binding, and ensures that digital printing will not be affected by scratches, oil stains and fingerprints."

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