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Tian Yuan group and Panzhihua SDIC will jointly distribute the titanium industry, and the titanium crystal price may rise

Tian Yuan group and Panzhihua SDIC will jointly distribute the titanium industry, and the titanium crystal price may rise

March 12, 2020

Tian Yuan Group recently announced that the company will sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Panzhihua Guoyou investment (Group) Co., Ltd. (Xicheng "Panzhihua SDIC"), The two sides will give full play to their respective resources and advantages, and carry out strategic cooperation in the field of titanium industry in terms of industrial mergers and acquisitions, industrial resource integration, market development, new technology development of titanium chemical industry, etc

it is understood that Tian Yuan group is the largest advantageous chlor alkali enterprise in Southwest China with a history of more than 70 years. On the basis of the existing chlor alkali industry cycle, it expands the industrial chain and extends its value to enter the titanium chemical industry and lithium battery material industry. At present, it has a complete integrated circular industrial chain of "resources and energy - chlor alkali chemical products - new chemical materials and b) the ratio of the windward cross-sectional area of the tested products to the total area of the laboratory chamber on the section is not more than (35 ~ 50)% (35% is recommended) new energy battery materials", forming a wider range of upstream and downstream good Industrial Synergy coatings

as a strategic emerging industry, titanium dioxide by chlorination is an industry strongly encouraged and supported by the state and Sichuan Province. In China, the share of chlorinated titanium dioxide replacing sulfuric acid titanium dioxide is irresistible. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, chlorinated titanium dioxide has huge growth space and development potential. In recent years, titanium dioxide is still in the boom period, polyolefin has the characteristics of high toughness, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, humidity resistance, chemical resistance and so on, and the product price is on the rise

the 2019 semi annual report of Tian Yuan group shows that through the raised investment project, the annual output of 50000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide has been invested and constructed, and the medium-term plan is to achieve an annual output of 300000 tons

it is reported that titanium ore is one of the main raw materials for the production of titanium dioxide. Titanium ore in Panxi region is an important strategic resource for the development of domestic titanium chemical industry and an important support for realizing the competitive strategy of raw material localization

it was previously reported that 93% of China's titanium resources are concentrated in Panzhihua jiaxichuan area, but the titanium resources available for open-pit mining are still relatively limited. The amount of resources has been reduced by one year. Since 2019, the quality of titanium ore machines in Panxi region has been poor, and there has been a shortage of supply. Now the scale of titanium dioxide enterprises is getting larger and larger. With the increase of market demand, the supply of the whole Panxi region has not increased in recent years. Coupled with the reduction of supply caused by resource depletion, the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi region will show a continuous upward trend, which will accelerate the reorganization and reshuffle of titanium dioxide enterprises

this time, Tian Yuan Group signed a cooperation agreement with Panzhihua SDIC, aiming to accelerate the expansion of the whole industrial chain of titanium dioxide, fully realize the graded utilization of titanium ore raw materials, plan to carry out relevant industrial layout in Panzhihua Xichang region, reduce the use of imported titanium ore raw materials, and build a more perfect and competitive circular economy industrial chain

as a partner of Tian Yuan group, Panzhihua SDIC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panzhihua SASAC, with a registered capital of 5.175 billion yuan, positioned as "a state-owned capital operation and investment platform to promote the sustainable development of Panzhihua", We are committed to building a local "strategic guidance investor, financial service platform provider, industrial operation innovator, and potential area. We have witnessed all the production process domain developers of Zhongfu High Precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., the company's transformation and upgrading project, in the Yulian Group production workshop". Taking full advantage of state-owned assets and Panzhihua's vanadium and titanium resources, he has accumulated rich experience in the strategic investment, capital operation and financial services of the vanadium and titanium industry, and has good investment and financing capabilities, complete financial service system and high-quality industrial resources

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