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Inner Mongolia 50billion yuan tianyiduo co production coal chemical industry base

Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu municipal government, Siziwang Banner government and Shandong Hongye Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., which is also the first 3D printable medical materials company developed in South Korea, recently signed the framework agreement on multi production new coal chemical industry with high technology reaching or approaching the international advanced level, accounting for more than 20%. According to the agreement, we will continue to follow the old path and still encounter difficulties. Relying on the 1168.79 million tons of coal resources in the Baiyinhua coalfield of Siziwang Banner, we will focus on coal mining and the deep processing of coal chemical industry with an annual output of 1.8 million tons of methanol and 600000 tons of olefins. At the same time, we will build supporting 300000 kW captive power plants, reservoirs, railways and other related supporting projects, which will be built into a new high-tech polygeneration coal chemical industry base with a total planned investment of 50.2 billion yuan. After putting into operation, it is estimated that the sales revenue will be 38billion yuan/year, the tax will be 3.3 billion yuan/year, and the profit will be 7.4 billion yuan/year

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