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The Tianzhu industrial chain development forum entered Shaoxing

the national Tianzhu fiber industrial chain development forum was held in Keqiao on the 19th to discuss the R & D, finishing and application of Tianzhu fiber, a new kind of fiber that can improve the independent support ability of special production equipment. It is intended to "enter Shaoxing" to activate China's bamboo fiber industrial chain and achieve the goal of "one of the best in the world" of bamboo fiber

little brother takes the "top position"

compared with the development history of cotton fiber and other recycled fibers such as mulberry silk and hemp for thousands of years, bamboo fiber is obviously a "little brother", and its application in China's textile market has only been 10 years. However, the development speed of this new bamboo fiber, which uses bamboo materials as raw materials and adopts high-tech production, ranks first among biological fibers, and the annual production capacity increases by more than 30%. Its trend of encroaching on the traditional fiber market has attracted the attention of insiders

song dewu, chairman of China Tianzhu industry alliance and general manager of Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., believes that on the one hand, bamboo fiber comes from organic bamboo and is renewable, which is consistent with the requirements of green environmental protection in the international textile market; On the other hand, because of its own performance advantages, such as strong moisture absorption and good antibacterial property, it is more and more popular in skin friendly products and has become the "blue ocean" of the textile fiber market

launch the new fiber industry chain

the Tianzhu fiber industry chain development forum entered Shaoxing, which seems to be of extraordinary significance to industry insiders

at present, the bamboo fiber industry has been launched, and the bamboo fiber knitwear in Guangzhou, bamboo fiber napkins in Binzhou, Shandong, and bamboo fiber socks in Zhuji have formed a production chain locally. However, as a cluster of China's textile industry, Shaoxing, although many enterprises have taken the initiative to test bamboo fiber shuttle fabrics, is still some links away from the formation of a perfect bamboo fiber industry. "Information sharing, cooperative development and building a good environment are the inevitable trend of industrial development. Shaoxing has a good soil for the development of the textile industry." National textile product development center xiefangming said

ZHENG Junlin, Secretary General of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said that at present, the chemical fiber industry has basically completed the task of total amount accumulation, but the industry development still faces many deep-seated contradictions and problems, and is at the critical stage of transformation and upgrading. From the source of textiles?? The production, application, promotion and industrialization of new fibers are one of the ways of transformation and upgrading, and will also be the focus of future industry development

carry out differentiated competition for these power transmission systems with strict production requirements

it is understood that at present, there are 68 enterprises specializing in the development of bamboo fiber textiles in China. They have jointly established the Tianzhu industry alliance, aiming to develop and expand China's "bamboo fiber industry", and set a five-year plan to make the production capacity of bamboo fiber account for nearly one tenth of the country's renewable fiber

there are five enterprises in Shaoxing County, which have established a one-stop production chain of bamboo fiber fabrics, such as R & D and production, finishing and brand building, especially in the field of knitwear. The exploration of woven fabrics has also made a good start, and more trading companies are trying to use new fibers to develop new products

"textile innovation can start from the source. If we can use differentiated fibers, strengthen product research and development, consciously make further exploration and reach the lower limit, that is, automatic light prompt market guidance, this will be a great opportunity." Zheng Junlin said

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