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Eastman once again launched an innovative recycling plan to solve the global problem of plastic waste

Eastman recently announced the launch of a breakthrough innovative technology aimed at solving the global problem of plastic waste

Eastman's innovation driven growth strategy is based on creating value through sustainable development and is committed to effectively improving people's quality of life. Is the hanger boom straight? Eastman is relying on this innovation driven growth strategy to promote the development of circular economy by exploring new uses of waste products or materials. Eastman announced in March this year that it plans to launch an advanced recycling technology to decompose polyester waste that could not be recycled by mechanical methods into polymeric monomers, which can be reintroduced into the production of new polyester based polymers, realizing a real recycling solution

Eastman's second innovative technology this time is carbon regeneration technology, which can recycle some very complex plastic wastes, including non polyester plastics and mixed plastics that cannot be recycled with traditional recycling technology. Through this new recycling technology, materials such as flexible packaging and plastic film will no longer flow into landfills

by adjusting the front-end production of Eastman cellulose plastics, carbon regeneration technology converts plastic waste as raw materials into simple and universal molecules. This process can partially oxidize plastics and efficiently convert them into basic monomers for the production of some products in special materials and fiber sectors, which will be used in end markets such as optical products, daily necessities, packaging, textile and non-woven applications

Eastman has completed preliminary tests at its headquarters in Kingsport and plans to use existing equipment for commercial production in 2019. The successful development of new recycling methods is another example of Eastman's use of its large-scale and integrated production to provide sustainable solutions

Eastman is exploring commercial cooperation, using carbon regeneration technology to recycle mixed plastic waste on a commercial scale

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