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Tibet has achieved success in combating "white pollution"

according to the Tibet environmental protection department, since July this year, Tibet has launched the largest white pollution control action in history. So far, Lhasa Environmental Protection Bureau alone has handled more than 21.5 million pieces of white garbage such as disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags. Relevant experts believe that Tibet is in the forefront of the country in combating white pollution

the Tibet Autonomous Region, known as the roof of the world and the third pole of the earth, is not only the source of rivers and ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia, but also the initiator and regulator of the climate in China and even the eastern hemisphere. How to protect this world's most holy land has become the focus of world attention

on July 1 this year, the Lhasa Municipal People's government issued a notice on banning the sale and use of disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags. Thus, the largest white pollution control action in Tibet's history began

Jiang Bai, director of Lhasa Environmental Protection Bureau, said that white pollution has always been the biggest headache for Lhasa municipal government and environmental protection departments. According to reports, in recent years, disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags have poured into the Tibetan market with their low prices, and the free use of these plastic packages has become a habit of local people. According to the survey, last year alone, Lhasa sold more than 80 million disposable plastic bags

and the pollution caused by these white garbage is also obvious to all. Tibetan Youth NIMA said: in the past, I saw plastic bags floating on the roadsides and trees in Lhasa, and I felt very uncomfortable

according to relevant departments, some plastic bags can see many blood stains and stains in the sun, which is disgusting; Under the microscope, people found tens of thousands of bacteria on a plastic bag

the nylon sieve hanging below will form a huge floating dustpan. Surprisingly, in 2003, farmers in Mozhugongka County, Lhasa found that their yaks suddenly died, and health accelerated the implementation of innovative achievements that meet the market demand expectations. After autopsy of these yaks, the Department found that yaks did not contain tender grass, but a large number of plastic bags with special wedge clamps were used for sample holding

Jiang Bai said: white pollution not only affects the environment in Lhasa, but also affects people's physical and mental health. He said that as an excellent tourist city in China and one of the first batch of famous historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council, Lhasa must be in the forefront of the country in controlling white pollution

it was learned that Tibet has banned the sale and use of refractory plastic products in the treatment of white pollution, and promoted the sale and use of cloth bags, paper bags and other environmentally friendly alternative products

in order to enable more people to participate in this environmental protection action, celebrities in the literary and art circles, primary and secondary school students and environmental protection volunteers in the autonomous region publicized the bag action on the streets of Lhasa, sent bags to citizens free of charge, and asked those who received bags to sign on the environmental protection commitment, calling on citizens to try to use bags, paper bags and other environmental protection products when shopping, and no longer use plastic bags, so as to reduce white pollution

at the same time, the massive governance action kicked off. Since July 1, Tibet has organized environmental protection, industry and commerce, urban management, health and other departments to conduct a carpet inventory of local farmers' markets, shopping malls and supermarkets. Changjiang Hong, a detachment of Lhasa Environmental Protection Supervision Detachment, introduced that 70% of businesses and citizens began to refuse to use plastic bags

chenxianshun, Secretary of the Party committee of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region, said that at present, Changdu, Nyingchi and other places in Tibet have begun to control white pollution, and other regions will also carry out actions to control white pollution in succession

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