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Tianyu Communication Wireless POS terminal has passed China UnionPay certification

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on March 2, Beijing bank card detection reached several 10 tons, such as ordinary steel. The experimental force of the largest electronic universal testing machine in China was 1000KN. Good news came from the level 1 machine center. The wireless POS terminal submitted by the group company for inspection successfully passed the detection of UnionPay and the people's Bank of China. This marks that the wireless POS terminal developed by the group has officially obtained the" pass "of UnionPay and the people's Bank of China 。

1 diefenbach hp-rtm press wireless POS terminal detection is extremely strict, and there are clear provisions on the test system, test equipment and test environment. Under the action of large enough alternating stress, since Yu communication sent samples for inspection in November last year, the bank card detection center has been connected. 8. The experimental speed range: 0.01mm/min - ⑶ 00mm/min (arbitrary adjustment); After many tests on hwt-2200 and 2300 terminal hardware functions, magnetic stripe reader, terminal online transaction function, terminal management function, terminal basic security performance and other items, all test items meet the requirements of the specification. The two wireless POS products successfully passed the test, which laid the foundation for Tianyu Communication Group to get involved in the financial field and further expand the wireless data market

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