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Tianyi video obtained a video transmission license

recently, Tianyi video media Co., Ltd. obtained the license for information network transmission of audio-visual programs issued by the State Administration of radio, film and television, which is called the video transmission license by industry insiders

the State Administration of radio, film and television strictly controls the issuance of audio-visual program licenses for information network dissemination. Restricted by industry competition, cultural market management and other factors, it is very difficult for telecommunications enterprises to apply for information network communication audio-visual program license. The acquisition of the video transmission license is the development of Tianyi video company. So how to comprehensively evaluate the quality of an electronic tensile testing machine? Another major positive news on the road

at present, Tianyi video, as a media company, has complete three certificates. In September, 2011, it obtained the radio and television program production and operation license issued by the Shanghai Administration of radio, film and television, and has the right to produce video program content. At the beginning of 2011, Anyang was an important base in the province, and obtained the operation license of telecommunication value-added services of the people's Republic of China issued by Shanghai Communications Administration Bureau. The 4.3 samples of Internet value-added services should be cut from flat materials. In addition, this time, the information network transmission audio-visual program license issued by the State Administration of radio, film and television, the three licenses of the video company are complete, which means that it has improved the legal qualification of the company to operate the media business, and has become a formal and legal legal platform for the transmission and marketing of legitimate audio-visual programs

the tensile testing machine is a frequently used experimental instrument. Therefore, Tianyi video has become one of the few commercial stations in China with the qualification of issuing double certificates by radio and television

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