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It is essential to buy a house and decorate it inside and outside. However, at present, the home decoration market is mixed with good and bad decoration companies, resulting in a wide range of complaints. How to protect the rights of decoration is really a lot of knowledge

Mr. Huang is from Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province. He came to Wuhan to work seven years ago after graduating from university. He is now Wuhan's son-in-law with a fortune of more than one million. In the first half of the year, he bought a commercial house with an area of more than 130 square meters in Wuhan and prepared to build a new house after decoration. As a layman in decoration, he signed a labor and material contract agreement with the decoration company. In the agreement, he only made rough provisions on the major items of decoration with the decoration company, and did not make provisions on some details, such as what kind of glass is used for the glass door of the kitchen, and how big the size of the floor tile is, etc. Before signing the agreement, the staff of the decoration company told him that the specific details could be told orally to the construction personnel, and there would be no problem. On weekdays, Mr. Huang, who has been operating in good faith, believes that the decoration company will do what it has promised

nearly two months after the decoration, Mr. Huang took time to check on the scene and found that the size of the marble floor tiles that had been installed was 10 cm smaller, and the glass door of the kitchen was not equipped with the thick tempered glass he required. For this reason, Mr. Huang complained to the relevant units. However, the decoration company pushed it all on the ground that the brand, model and thickness were not clearly stated in the agreement, and they could choose materials independently. Mr. Huang was dumbfounded

Ms. song and her husband in Hankou are both working-class people. With their 10-year savings, they bought a house at the beginning of the year. When decorating, we should naturally make careful calculations. Before looking for a decoration company, Ms. song, who didn't understand decoration, listed her decoration materials one by one in great detail, made a budget of 40000 yuan, and then found several decoration companies, but the price was much higher than Ms. song's budget. Finally, we finally found a company, which lowered the original price of 60000 yuan, and the two sides reached a decoration contract of 47000 yuan. At the end of the decoration, Ms. song found that the wooden floor was uneven in some places, the wallpaper did not conform to the original design and many other details that could not be handled well. However, the decoration company said that with only a little money, it would be good to pretend like this. As a result, Ms. song deducted the final payment of the project, and the two sides had a dispute. Because no one would give in, the matter has been pending

it is crucial for the owner to "know something and do something"

it is difficult for everyone to be happy in the decoration. In this regard, Mr. Liu, who lives in Wuchang, shared his experience. He said that if you want to decorate, it is crucial for the owner to "know something about it". He was also a "layman" before his home decoration, but he learned from mechanical design that to make the decoration fully conform to his own meaning, it is best for him to become an "expert" or half an "expert". He brought in friends who knew about interior decoration as consultants, strengthened the training of decoration knowledge, identified the advantages and disadvantages and prices of building materials that might be needed in the decoration process, and basically knew well. Then find a qualified decoration company to sign a more detailed agreement on the brand, model, specification and so on of the materials used. After the construction personnel entered the site for decoration, he came to check at least three times a week, and once he found that the materials used in the decoration were wrong or shoddy, he immediately negotiated and corrected them. If he felt that the original design did not meet his requirements during the decoration, he timely discussed and communicated with the construction and design personnel on site, and put forward a new modification and adjustment plan. Therefore, both parties cooperated happily during the two-month decoration period without frequent decoration disputes

how to deal with disputes

if there is a dispute, how should the owner deal with it? How should owners negotiate with decoration companies to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests

I. distinguish responsibilities. If there is a problem, the owner should first distinguish whether it is the quality problem of the materials provided by himself or the problem of the decoration company. If the quality and specifications of materials have been negotiated and the problems are caused by the decoration quality of the decoration company, the responsibility lies with the decoration company

second, contact the decoration company directly. If the decoration has not been completed or will be completed soon, the owner can directly contact the decoration company, such as the construction team leader and supervisor in charge at that time. If it is completed, you can also directly go to the after-sales service department of the decoration company. General problems can be solved here

III. contact the consumption Committee. If both parties cannot negotiate, the owner can complain to the consumption Commission

IV. contact relevant legal departments. In the case of unsuccessful complaints and mediation by all parties, the owner can finally file a lawsuit through legal channels. Of course, the decoration company also has the same right




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