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Yuetongchuang doors and windows sent a congratulatory message! China's first domestic aircraft carrier officially launched

China's first domestic aircraft carrier was officially launched in Dalian on the morning of April 26. According to public information, the length of the first domestic aircraft carrier is 315 meters, equivalent to the length of three football fields, and its width is 75 meters. The domestic aircraft carrier is basically similar to the "Liaoning ship" in shape, but it can carry more fighters

after the aircraft carrier successfully completed the undocking operation, it turned its direction in the harbor. The streamers on the ship fluttered in the wind

at about 10:05, the aircraft carrier was completely undocked under the "escort" of six tugboats

the domestic aircraft carrier has completely left the dock

At about 9 o'clock, the ceremony began with the majestic national anthem. According to international practice, a "bottle throwing ceremony" is held after the ribbon cutting. As a bottle of champagne broke the bow of the ship, both sides sprayed colorful ribbons, and the surrounding ships sounded their sirens together, and the whole audience burst into warm applause. The aircraft carrier slowly moved out of the dock and docked at the dock under towing. The picture shows the "butt" of a domestic aircraft carrier leaving the dock

under the traction of tugboats, China's first domestic aircraft carrier slowly pulled out of the dock

before the aircraft carrier was launched, at 8 a.m., the on-site officers and soldiers lined up in order. The ceremony began, the aircraft carrier had floated, the dock door had been opened, and the tugboats were in place. The five-star red flag has been raised at the scene in Dalian, and the soldiers present salute the flag one after another. Fan Changlong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech

before launching, there are five tugboats on standby outside the dock

the first domestic aircraft carrier has completed all the construction work. It has been filled with water and floated on April 23. It may be pulled out of the dock at any time in recent days to complete the launching work. Therefore, every move of this aircraft carrier will receive "much attention" these days. The picture shows a domestic aircraft carrier taken on the 26th

from 2 p.m. on April 25, the first domestic 001a aircraft carrier located in the dock of Dalian Shipyard has made new moves. The staff are inserting a red flag along the hull, and it seems that they are preparing for some ceremony. The military fans who watched the scene were very excited, and various media were also guessing whether this was a sign that the first domestic aircraft carrier was about to launch. The picture shows the aircraft carrier on the 26th

On the morning of the 26th, navy officers and soldiers gathered at the scene and held a ceremony

the second aircraft carrier was self-developed by China. It started construction in November 2013 and began in dock construction in March 2015. At present, the main hull of the aircraft carrier has been completed, and the main system equipment such as power and electricity have been installed in place

undocking and launching is one of the major nodes in the construction of aircraft carriers, marking a major phased achievement in China's independent design and construction of aircraft carriers. Next, the aircraft carrier will carry out system equipment commissioning and outfitting construction as planned, and comprehensively carry out mooring tests

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