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In order to enhance the team cohesion and relax the body and soul, Shangbai family jointly ushered in the "group building day" on April 23 and 24, and went to Hefei Bairun organic farm in two batches for group building activities

it is said that there must be one body and soul on the road. In order to enhance team cohesion and relax the body and soul, on April 23 and 24, Shangbai family jointly ushered in the "all team building day", which was divided into two batches to Hefei Bairun organic farm for team building activities

energetic and full of energy

warm up preparation

at 9:30 a.m., we arrived at our destination, followed the coach to the location of this team expansion, and started a day of walking hand in hand. On the wide lawn, everyone formed a circle hand in hand, followed the instructions of the coach to make corresponding actions, and sent bursts of laughter from time to time. This is the correct way to open the ice breaking game

who is the best team in the tacit competition tactics

team incubation

each team sent a representative to decide the victory with scissors, stone and cloth, giving priority to the team uniforms. Everyone changed into unified clothes, and then began the team PK

this is a project mainly based on team challenges, which challenges our team collaboration ability. The power of a person is limited, and the power of a group of people is infinite. The tacit understanding of thinking and striving for one place is more important than the ranking of the competition

in the game, each team member focused on the ball in front of him, tightly held the rope in his hands, and silently recited the number of times the ball bounced. There is no shortcut to success. Only by continuous hard practice can we win the first place in a hundred battles when we really go to the battlefield

finally, the team that won the first place in the two rounds of the game was presented with medals and prizes. Yu, general manager of the franchise business center, and Qian, general manager of the operation center of Hefei Branch, presented medals and prizes to the team members

the team is not only for everyone to work together, but also for everyone to reach a consensus from the heart, live in the United Front, aim at the same goal, coordinate and cooperate effectively

and each of us in the team needs to have the courage to take responsibility, give full play to our importance, and strive to make ourselves an indispensable part in order to build a strong team combat effectiveness

division of labor and cooperation in cooking delicious

big pot rice

unconsciously, I was already hungry. After the team expansion game in the morning, I welcomed the hot do it yourself, big pot rice with plenty of food and clothing. The company prepared a wealth of raw materials for everyone. The team leaders brought the same ingredients. The girls were busy washing vegetables and preparing materials. The boys collected firewood and made a fire. The division of labor was clear and orderly. The earth stove and big pot rice were all harmonious and beautiful. Soon, the air began to be filled with the fragrance of various dishes, which made people hungry

with the last dish with perfect color, flavor and taste on the table, it's done. The team members gathered together to enjoy the rich lunch

smile set the stage for our unforgettable and meaningful team building journey. I believe that through this activity, we can learn from practice, change from experience, benefit a lot, and have a lot of insights. While experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, cooperation and courage, I deeply feel the essence of responsibility, cooperation, self-confidence and mutual trust

left the expansion training ground and returned to a broader working environment. As long as we take the team spirit and treat every work as a challenge in the expansion training, there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome and solved





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