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Grasp the wave of online marketing, Rongde floor also plays fashionable

online advertising, that is, through online advertising banners, text links, multimedia and other methods to publish advertisements on the Internet. Compared with traditional media, this new type has its advantages. Many companies with market vision have built professional websites in the flooring industry, which is the only choice for professional advertising. Of course, in addition to traditional portal websites and professional websites, many brands choose to carry out marketing on forums and e-magazines. Electronic magazine is to make some electronic newspapers regularly or irregularly, and send them to the majority of consumers in the form of e-mail. Such a way of communication is personalized, and it must be more able to communicate with the audience at a deeper level than the traditional online advertising. Search engine marketing search engine marketing is currently the most widely used way of floor network marketing, and it is also widely used in other industries. That is, when online users type keywords such as flooring on the network, flooring enterprises appear on the home page, which makes consumers more likely to choose the brand. Microblog marketing microblog marketing is a new online marketing method, because with the popularity of microblog, it has spawned a related marketing method, namely microblog marketing. Weibo marketing takes Weibo as the marketing platform, and every audience (fans) are potential marketing objects. Every enterprise can register a Weibo on Sina, Netease, etc., and then use its own microblog to spread the information of enterprises and products to netizens, so as to establish a good corporate image and product image. The daily updated content can be exchanged with you, or there are topics of interest to you, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. This way is the emerging microblog marketing. Of course, for the flooring industry, the primary premise of microblog marketing is to have a sufficient number of fans. In addition to the floor enterprises using spokespersons to shoot TV advertisements and produce print advertisements (store publicity materials), the third form of video marketing can be fully carried out, that is, the introduction of the online video creative promotion mode of the spokesperson image, and the new video creative editing and combination (to avoid any copyright infringement) with the help of the film and television series, MTV or sports events, TV programs, etc. that the spokesperson has shot; Conceive a new online video short story around the spokesperson, and promote the brand/product of flooring enterprises in a soft way. Animation marketing is based on the image of the enterprise or enterprise products, enterprise logo, etc. to create a number of new animation interesting sets, and combine them with the brand, shape and design multiple hot stories, use the animation based on the image of the spokesperson to tell, plant brand/product information in the story and pictures, attract attention with the help of the spokesperson, story plot and interesting animation, strengthen the brand endorsement mark, and shape brand goodwill. In the past, Rongde floor believed that "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", so it gave up advertising, publicity and other methods. With the continuous change of the trend of the times, Rongde flooring will work together with songshantang planning company to make unremitting efforts for the network promotion of enterprise brand, and adopt new communication methods to make this brand with good quality no longer close its doors and let its good name spread all over the world





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