In the future, I like to have such a door and wind

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Due to the progress of society, there are more and more intelligent products, which also ushers in the new generation trend of smart home. Everyone hopes to have a fully intelligent home, which is not only beautiful, fashionable, personalized and trendy, but also I hope to have such a door and window

I hope to have such a door and window

he is intelligent, with full voice control, sound insulation and sunscreen. In the summer afternoon, the sun shines into the house without feeling the heat of the sun. How comfortable it is for the warm sun to shine on people's faces. It is fully automatic light control, and how much sunshine you need is arbitrary. Having such a door and window; In the afternoon, I can enjoy the sunshine in the house wantonly, sitting on the couch and enjoying the sunshine, and I don't worry about getting sunburned; Close your eyes and think about life in front of the sky

I hope to have such a door and window

it will have anti-theft, automatic alarm and other functions. In society, most family thefts enter from the door and window. There is such a window with automatic alarm function, which makes the thief have nowhere to steal; With the development of society, the air problem is becoming more and more serious. If you want to breathe fresh air, you can only enjoy it in the forest and other natural places. There is a door and window that can give families more protection,,,,, and there are many more. The future smart door and window editor is believed to appear soon. Looking forward to this day,,,,,

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