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On june5,2010, gucci was pleased to announce the implementation of the global environmental protection plan for the brand. The main purpose of the plan is to reduce the damage to the environment caused by the brand. The key project of the new plan is to launch a new packaging material design. Paper certified by the Forest Management Committee (FSC) is used and can be 100% recycled. The brand's 284 stores will adopt this new design in june2010. This brand-new packaging concept not only represents that the brand is shouldering the important task of environmental protection, but also highlights the long historical heritage of the brand by cooperating with Gucci to march towards the 90th anniversary in 2011. The new packaging design by Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, reflects the dual significance of the planning with the idea of combining the past with the present and integrating the society with luxury

frida Giannini said: this project proves that even if we use environmentally friendly materials for creation, we will never drag the design across. The brand-new packaging design is exquisite, successfully showing the combination of Gucci value and brand tradition, which has been inherited since Guccio Gucci founded the brand in Florence 90 years ago. I firmly believe that reducing environmental damage is our common goal for future generations

the brand-new shopping bags and gift boxes are made of elegant reddish brown recycled paper, and the concave GG logo is printed on them with embossing technology. This logo was created in the 1960s, and the effect is like the classic guccissima leather of the brand. The packaging surface shows a faint light, highlighting the luxury status of the brand, and also brings out the warm color that Frida Giannini has given Gucci concept store. The golden Gucci logo sets off the special brown packaging. The surface is also printed with "Firenze 1921" to mark the birthplace of the brand, the tradition of "made in Italy" and the history of nearly 90 years. 289 the side of the shopping bag of the gas fire extinguishing system has also added an address, affirming the complementary relationship between the Gucci online store and the franchised store network. This shopping bag is FSC certified and made of 100% recyclable material is printed on the inside of the shopping bag

forest tube 1. The operating procedures Committee (FSC) certification of the wire change experimental machine indicates that the paper used in each shopping bag and gift box comes from the forest under jurisdiction, and each production process meets the standards of the forest management committee. Gucci is recognized by FSC in the production of packaging materials and the suppliers it uses. It is a pioneer in environmental protection in the industry. Gucci promises that by the end of 2010, only non recycled forest products approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will be used to ensure that the paper used is not from endangered forests, such as the tropical rain forest in Indonesia, due to the restriction of oil source flow. The rainforest is one of the most severely endangered forests in the world due to excessive deforestation and climate change. In terms of product packaging, the brand will continue to explore more alternative fiber materials for packaging, such as biodegradable shopping bags made of grain, bamboo and cotton

gucci is committed to reducing the impact of operation on the environment. In order to cooperate with the plan, gucci adjusted its brand packaging measures to reduce resource waste. One pair of shoes will be specially packed in one velvet bag when the factory delivers goods, instead of the previous two velvet bags. The gift box will only be provided to customers with requirements. Gucci will also replace the original version with a new environmental friendly mannequin. The new mannequin is designed by Frida Giannini, made of anti-seismic polystyrene (a durable and 100% recycled raw material), painted with water-based paint, and all made in Italy

patrizio Di Marco, President and CEO of Gucci, said, "recently, to evaluate the world's top brands, the evaluation criteria are not only product quality and service attitude, but also the interaction between the brand and society and the environment. In 2004, all logistics supplies of Gucci spontaneously adopted the corporate social standard (SA 8000) certification process, which has become a pioneer in environmental protection in the industry. In the same year, Gucci and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Establish cooperation. In the past six years, the brand has raised more than 8million US dollars to support poor children and women in sub Saharan Africa. These cooperation plans are an integral part of our value system, just as we are convinced of the importance of protecting the environment

other sustainable development actions of the brand:

- printed matter will be gradually replaced by e-card and e-catalog. Customers only need to select "go green" when registering

- implement the transportation optimization plan. The EU phase IV trucks will be gradually replaced by the EU phase V trucks, aiming to reduce the freight volume by 30%

- carry out energy-saving plan for exclusive stores, including reducing lighting during non business hours, installing lighting sensors, and replacing 35 watt energy-saving bulbs

- try the LED lamp, and adjust to replace marble with artificial stone

- replace hard wood with synthetic board in furniture manufacturing

through the above actions, gucci expects to achieve by the end of 2010:

- reduce 35 tons of plastic waste

- reduce paper consumption by 1400 tons (by using new packaging materials, replacing cartons with recyclable bags, and optimizing paper consumption when printing catalogues and publicity materials). The experimental machine is used to measure the mechanical properties of metal materials, non-metal materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and environments Precision testing instrument for process performance, internal defects and dynamic unbalance of rotating parts

- reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10000 tons

- reduce gasoline consumption by 4million liters

Lafcadio Cortesi, publicity director of rain forest Action Network (RAN), commented: "We highly appreciate Gucci's practical actions to support environmental protection. The brand reduces paper consumption, reduces tree felling, and only uses products certified by the forest management committee, which not only protects the forests in Indonesia and other parts of the world, but also sets a good example for other brands in the luxury industry.

in 2004, gucci spontaneously promoted corporate social responsibility (SA8000) During the certification process, its supply chains of leather goods, shoes, clothing, silk products and jewelry have been certified. The certification affirms the brand's business ethics, respect for human rights, environment, workers' health and safety, rights and equal opportunities. More than 400 Gucci suppliers and sub suppliers serving different product lines have received relevant social training. More than 1000 suppliers and sub suppliers have been audited to confirm that their operations meet the standards set by the brand. After successfully obtaining the SA8000 certification, the brand recently went to the next city, passed the preliminary environmental audit, and is expected to obtain the ISO 14001 certification by the end of 2010

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